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Support for Windows CE and Windows Mobile

Qt on Windows CE and Windows Mobile

Qt is a C++ application and UI framework. You can use Qt to write rich and high performance applications using an intuitive API available for a wide range of devices. Use the code from one single code-base and rebuild for all supported Windows CE/Mobile versions as well as other other platforms.

Supporting most existing Windows CE configurations and with minimal hardware dependencies, Qt is easy to build even for custom hardware configurations. Unused components and features can even be compiled out.

Getting Started on Windows CE/Mobile

Key Features for Windows CE/Mobile Development

On top of all the tools and API and class libraries that Qt offers, Qt for Windows CE provides you with added functionality for an optimized embedded development environment.

Native and Customizable Look and Feel

Windows Mobile and Windows CE styles are available with Qt. At runtime, Qt applications will detect which style to use. The look and feel of your applications can also be easily customized in a fraction of the time and lines of code required for traditional UI styling with Qt Style Sheets.

Advanced Text Layout Engine

Qt for Windows CE supports TrueType and raster fonts. Qt also has extended Unicode support and right-to-left languages. Qt’s rich text engine adds capabilities for complex text layouts including tables, path tracing and text which flows around shapes.
Qt for Windows CE/Mobile also provide support for:

  • Graphics Acceleration using OpenGL ES
  • 2D graphics canvas capable of handling millions of items.
  • Qt Designer for GUI layout and forms builder.
  • Qt Linguist provides internationalization and translation features.

Applications created with Qt for Windows CE/Mobile can be ported to Symbian, Maemo and any other OS that Qt supports.

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