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What is Qt WebKit?

WebKit is one of the major engine to render webpages and execute JavaScript code.
More information about WebKit on Wikipedia []

Qt WebKit is the port of WebKit on top of Qt. QtWebKit relies on the public APIs of Qt and can theoretically be used on any platform supported by Qt (theoretically because WebKit also requires a recent/good compiler).

Developing with QtWebKit

Getting started

QtWebKit is a module of Qt, to use you need to add it to your project file. Add the following line to your .pro file:

  1. QT += webkit

Applications using QtWebKit

QtWebKit is often used as a rendering engine, as a runtime, or to write a browser.

How to participate in the development of QtWebKit?

The work on QtWebKit is fully open. Everyone interested is welcome to participate.


The daily discussions are done on IRC and on mailing lists.

On IRC, the channel #qtwebkit is used for the development with Qt, and the channel #webkit for general development of WebKit, both channels are on the network FreeNode. (For a full list of IRC channels see OnlineCommunities.)

Mails threads are used for in-depth discussion like new APIs or architectural changes. The main mailing lists to join are WebKit-Qt [] and WebKit-dev []

Note that those mailing list and IRC channel are for the development of WebKit itself, not the development of application using WebKit.