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Qt Maintainers

Note: Please do not contact these developers directly unless you want to discuss your contributions. If you need help with Qt, ask in an appropriate forum [] or join one of our online communities.

Qt’s Chief Maintainer is Lars Knoll, who is also the maintainer of qtbase (see details in table below).

(All) Documentation
qt (Qt4) Qt3Support (Qt4)David
qt3dQt 3DSean HarmerKDABUnited
qtactiveqt Active Qt Friedemann Kleint The Qt Company Germany
qtandroidextrasQt Android Extras
qtbase Lars Knoll Digia Norway
qtbasetoolsrccAndré Pö
qtbasetoolsqdocMartin Smith The Qt
qtbaseQt CoreThiago
qtbaseQt Coreqmake; configure; mkspecsOswald Buddenhagen
qtbaseQt CoreKernel & QObject
qtbaseQt Coretool & I/O
qtbaseQt CoremimetypesDavid
qtbaseQt D-BusThiago
qtbaseQt GUIGunnar Sletta
qtbaseQt GUIAccessibility Frederik Gladhorn Digia Norway
qtbaseQt GUIInput Methods & Feedback
qtbaseQt GUIOpenGL
qtbaseQt GUIQPainter, QImage
qtbaseQt GUIQPrinter (PDF generation?)John LaytKDENew
qtbaseQt GUIFonts, text rendering and text layouts in QPainter and Scene GraphEskil Abrahamsen BlomfeldtDigiaNorway
qtbaseQt GUIWindowing system bits (Qwindow, Qpixmap, reference Lighthouse plugins)
qtbaseQt GUIQPA Paul Tvete Digia Norway
qtbaseQt NetworkPeter Hartmann & Rich MooreGermany & United Kingdom
qtbaseQt NetworkHigh-Level network access (HTTP etc)
qtbaseQt NetworkLow-level access (Sockets, SSL, Hostname resolution, Bearer mgmt, etc)
qtbaseQt OpenGL
qtbaseQt SQLMark
qtbaseQt TestJason McDonaldAustralia
qtbaseQt WidgetsMarc MutzKDABGermany
qtbaseQt WidgetsKernel
qtbaseQt WidgetsEvent/Focus model
qtbaseQt WidgetsStylesJens
qtbaseQt WidgetsGraphics View
qtbaseQt WidgetsItem ViewsStephen
qtbaseQt WidgetsWidgets & DialogsMarc MutzKDABGermany
qtbaseQt XMLNeeds Maintainer
qtbase(Plugins)OS X
qtcanvas3dQt Canvas3D Pasi KeranenThe Qt CompanyFinland
qtconnectivityQt NFCAaron McCarthyAustralia
qtconnectivityQt BluetoothAlex
qtdeclarativeAlan AlpertBlackBerryUSA
qtdeclarativeQt QMLLanguage & JS integration Simon Hausmann DigiaNorway
qtdeclarativeQt QMLQML and C++ core API Simon HausmannDigia Norway
qtdeclarativeQt QuickItems
qtdeclarativeQt QuickScene graphGunnar Sletta
qtdocgallery Not supported
qtenginio Qt Enginio Jędrzej Nowacki Digia Norway
qtfeedbackQt FeedbackNot supported
qtgraphicaleffectsQt Graphical Effects
qtimageformatsQt ImageformatsEirik AavitslandThe Qt CompanyNorway
qtjsondb Not supported
qtlocationQt LocationNot supportedAlex
qtlocationQt PositioningAlex
qtmacextrasQt Mac Extras
qtmultimediaQt MultimediaYoann Lopes DigiaNorway
qtpimNot supported
qtpimQt ContactsNot supported
qtpimQt OrganizerNot supported
qtpimQt VersitNot supported
qtqa Internal use
qtquick1Qt Declarative
qtquickcontrolsQt Quick Controls Jens Bache Wiig Digia Norway
qtrepotoolsInternal use
qtscriptQt ScriptNorway
qtsensorsQt SensorsLorn
qtserialportQt Serial Port Denis Shienkov
qtsvgQt SVG
qtsystemsQt Publish and SubscribeNot supportedAlex BlascheDigiaGermany
qtsystemsQt Service FrameworkNot supportedAlex
qtsystemsQt System InfoNot supportedLorn
qttoolsAssistant & Qt HelpKarsten
qttoolsDesigner and Qt UI ToolsFriedemann
qtwaylandQt WaylandAndy
qtwebkitQt WebKitAllan Sandfeld
qtwebsocketsQt WebSockets Kurt
qtwebchannelQt WebChannel Milian
qtwebviewQt WebViewChristian StrømmeThe Qt
qtwinextrasQt Win Extras
qtx11extrasQt X11 ExtrasDavid
qtxmlpatternsQt XML Patterns

Platform Maintainers

Qt supports many different platforms and operating systems. The people in this list have the final responsibility for Qt on a certain platform/operating system.

Windows DesktopFriedemann KleintThe Qt Company
Windows RuntimeAndrew KnightThe Qt Company
Mac OS XMorten SørvigThe Qt Company
Linux/X11Jørgen LindThe Qt Company
AndroidBogdan VatraKDAB
iOSTor Arne VestbøThe Qt Company
Windows CEBjörn BreitmeyerKDAB Germanybjö
QNXBernd Weimer and Rafael Roquetto Pelagicore and KDAB and
WaylandGiulio Camuffo Jolla
Direct2DLouai Al-KhanjiThe Qt Company
EGLFS & LinuxFBLaszlo AgocsThe Qt Company

Qt Creator Maintainers

Code Pasting Tobias
Debugging & Profiling André Pö
Debugging & ProfilingCDB/MSVCFriedemann
Debugging & Profiling GDBAndré Pönitz Digia Germany
Debugging & Profiling Python Needs Maintainer
Debugging & Profiling QML Kai Kö
Debugging & ProfilingValgrindAndré Pö
Documentation Leena MiettinenDigia
FakeVim André Pö
Plugin Manager & Core; Find & Locator; External tools Eike
Project Management & Targets Daniel
Project Management & TargetsCMakeNeeds Maintainer
Project Management & TargetsAutotoolsNeeds Maintainer
Project Management & TargetsGenericNeeds Maintainer
Project Management & TargetsQMakeDaniel
Project Management & TargetsQMLKai Kö
Project Management & TargetsRemote LinuxChristian
Qt Creator Eike
Qt Quick Designer Thomas
Qt Help Integration Karsten
Tests Robert Lö
Text Editors & Language Support Erik Verbruggen Digia Germany
Text Editors & Language SupportC/C++ Nikolai Kosjar Digia Germany
Text Editors & Language SupportQMLFawzi
Version Control Tobias
Version ControlBazaarNeeds Maintainer
Version ControlClearCaseOrgad
Version ControlCVSNeeds Maintainer
Version ControlGitTobias
Version ControlMercurialNeeds Maintainer
Version ControlPerforceNeeds Maintainer
Version ControlSubversionNeeds Maintainer
Welcome Mode Thomas
Widget Designer Friedemann

PySide Maintainers

Shiboken John