Welcome to Qt for NASA International Space Apps Challenge

NASA Space Apps Challenge

The Space Apps Challenge is an annual mass collaboration event focused on space exploration that takes place over 48-hours in cities around the world. Space Apps Challenge is run by NASA with local partners all over the world.

For more information see the event official pages.

This page gives you specific pointers for the Tampere event. Visit the Tampere pages to register to the event.



We arranged a webinar to get participants up to speed on using Qt for development. The webinar recording is available below. The webinar covers getting started with Qt and where you can ask questions during the Space Apps Challenge.

Qt resources

Qt is a cross platform toolkit that can be used to make apps for desktop, mobile and embedded systems. It is an ideal solution for quickly getting your application running on multiple platforms.

We have collected useful resources to our wiki for participants.

It is suggested that participants use the latest Qt 5.3-beta release, as it provides many new features for especially mobile platforms. You can get the beta here (link coming before April).

For questions, please use the following resources: