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Tanulás (Áttekintés)

Fejlesztés Qt környezetben (Áttekintés)

A Qt Fejlesztése (Áttekintés)

  • Hibák: Ismert hibák és javításuk
  • Qt Project irányelvek [wiki.qt-project.org] Útmutatók és hasznos információk a Qt Projekt közreműködőinek
  • Útmutatók: Általános útmutatók a Qt forrásokhoz
  • Instructions: Instructions for set-up and tools
  • Documentation: Resources regarding writing documentation and examples
  • Network: The Qt Network module
  • Qt Script: The Qt Script Module
  • Lighthouse: Qt Platform Abstraction
  • Qt Planning: Qt Public Roadmap Process, Qt Public Roadmap
  • Qt 5: Proposals, Ideas, Contributors’ Summits Results

Tools and Add-ons (Overview)

Supported Devices (Overview)

  • Devices: (Partial) list of supported devices
  • QtonPi: The Qt5 on RaspberryPi project and device program
  • HardwareFAQ: Frequently Asked Questions regarding Qt on various hardware platforms.
  • SoftwareFAQ: Frequently Asked Questions regarding Qt’s software depedencies.

Language Bindings (Overview)

Community (Overview)

API Documentation

  • Qt: 4.8 [qt-project.org], 4.7 [qt-project.org], 4.6 [doc.qt.nokia.com]
  • Qt Mobility: 1.2 [doc.qt.nokia.com], 1.1 [doc.qt.nokia.com], 1.0 [doc.qt.nokia.com]
  • Qt Quick Components for Symbian: 1.1 [doc.qt.nokia.com], 1.0 [doc.qt.nokia.com]
  • Qt Maemo 5: 4.7 [doc.qt.nokia.com], 4.6 [doc.qt.nokia.com] (only on Maemo 5)
  • Harmattan: 4.7 [harmattan-dev.nokia.com]

Documentation Extra

General (Overview)

There is also a complete listing of all pages.

Additional information

Every user can create categories but only admins can edit and remove them. Post your requests in the forum [developer.qt.nokia.com]

Project code should not be displayed on the wiki but instead hosted at a project hosting service of your choice. We recommend Gitorious.org [qt.gitorious.org] which is where all of our code goes.

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