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Qt for Tizen

Contact or join us! Users of Qt for Tizen can join mailing list []. If you want develop the project subscribe to development mailing list []. This initiative has no official affiliation with Tizen Association, Tizen Steering Group or associated companies.
Media Partners Wanted! [] Spread the word about Qt for Tizen in your country or community!

Hi! Qt for Tizen is a purely community-driven port of Qt 5 to Tizen smartphones [], cars [], home appliances, tablets and notebooks.

Links and Resources

  • Recommended contact point for users of Qt for Tizen: mailing list (subscribe []). Alternative – Tizen Native Application Development [] forum for users.
  • Recommended contact point for Qt for Tizen contributors: development mailing list (subscribe [])
  • Blog []
  • For latest news: Twitter [], Facebook [], Google+ Community []
  • YouTube video channel []
  • LinkedIn group []
  • Ticket (bugs, features) system: TODO
  • Mailing list for users of Qt: (subscribe [])
  • Development mailing list: (subscribe [])
  • IRC: #qt-tizen @
    • You can also connect via web browser []
    • For a full list of IRC channels of interest to Qt developers, see OnlineCommunities.

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Tizen is a Linux Foundation Project. Tizen is a registered trademark of The Linux Foundation. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.