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Project name: Vidalia

Project purpose and goal(s)

Vidalia ( ) is a Tor controller ( ). This means that it is a way of making Tor user friendly by means of a GUI interface to configure and interact with Tor.

Tor is a complex piece of software that if handled wrong, it can lead the user to think he or she is being anonymous, while their private information is being compromised without their knowledge.

How the project relates to using Qt

Vidalia heavily relies on Qt for development over Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

Planned deliverables

Vidalia is planned to be a plugin based software. It has grown a lot since its starts, so now we are taking a more modular approach and users can customize how their instance of Vidalia works and looks.

The new main GUI disposition is almost done to handle the what the plugins need.

The planned deliverables for this is the plugin system architecture and basic plugins that will interact with the Tor Browser Bundle as a start, but will be used to expand Vidalia in other ways (not core functionality).

Interesting community facts

Current events in the world have proven Tor as a great tool for keeping internet freedom in a several levels. As for numbers, Tor had 36 million downloads in 2010. The Tor Project counts with 12-20 developers, and among 2500 volunteers running relays that are used by 300,000 to 800,000 daily users from 100+ countries.

Participation in the Qt Ambassador Program:

Vidalia is a part of the Qt Ambassador Program:

Amount of support required

  • Currently Vidalia is developed in Linux, and indirectly in Windows and OSX. To improve this, we need a proper development environment, so we need a MacBook with the proper VMs with Windows (plus its license) and Linux.

  • Since the development group that works on Tor is world wide, sometimes chat and email isn’t enough. Because of this, The Tor Project organizes several dev meetings along the year.


  • $2000 usd.- for the MacBook and a license for Microsoft Windows 7 Professional.

  • $2200 usd.- per ticket (aprox. depending on the location of the meeting) to the USA from Argentina (where the current Vidalia developer is located).



  • Create the necessary interfaces for QScript.
  • Create a test suite for each interface.
  • Integrate the plugin framework in Vidalia.
  • Build the first plug ins to work with the Tor Browser Bundle.


  • Create a specification of the current configuration format and its options.
  • Create a tutorial for building a plug in.

Expected termination date: August 2011.

Link to the project page

Contact person details

Andrew Lewman
969 Main Street, Suite 206
Walpole, MA 02081-2972 USA