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Project name and goals

EuroPython [] is the official European conference about the Python programming language. It is aimed at everyone in the Python community, of all skill levels, both users and programmers. EuroPython is a great meeting event: more than 500 attendees expected among professionals, companies and students coming from all around the Europe will meet for learning, collaborate and grow togheter. The delegates are Python users/developers as well as individuals whose businesses rely on the use of Python.

EuroPython 2011 will be held on June 20th to 26th in Florence, Italy. It is a non-###### event, which is fully organized by a non-###### association (Python Italia APS). The event is partly financed by the subscription fees and partly by collaboration with sponsoring businesses. The association tries its best to keep subscription fees to the bare minimum (with also special discounts for students).

Python Italia APS has a proven track of successful Python-related conferences, having held in the past 4 national PyCon events [], with up to 400 attendees, famous keynote speakers, and large well-known sponsors (like Google, Skype, and Nokia itself).

Relationship with Qt

EuroPython is a great chance to explain, teach, advertise and inform desktop programmers about the Qt framework. In fact, many Python programmers already use Qt through the available Python bindings (both Riverbank’s PyQt [] and Nokia-backed PySide []), while others are sticked with alternative frameworks like wxWidgets or GTK. By keep on showing Nokia’s involvement in the Python community, it will be easier to drive more and more Python developers to the Qt framework.

Nokia has already kindly sponsored PyCon Italia conferences in the past (through Knuth Yrvin), so we hope that you can renew your involvement with EuroPython this year, reaching a even larger community of programmers.

Planned deliverables

We can agree on some or all of the following deliverables:

  • Qt-related 1-hour talks or 4-hours trainings [] in the conference schedule. These can be held by: * A PyBossa developer from Brasil, involved in the PySide project. This would be a best option to deliver a PySide-related talk. * A Nokia developer involved in the PyQt/PySide community. One option would be David Boddie, which gave a terrific talk at PyCon Italia in 2009. * A developer from an European Qt service partner. Eg: Develer [] is Qt Certified Partner for Italy, is already a sponsor of EuroPython, and could easily agree on delivering a couple of Qt-related sponsored talks.
  • Inform every attendant on the existence of the Qt Developer Network, including all its activities and resources (Qt Ambassadors, forums, wikis, blogs, etc.). This can be done by distributing a leaflet on the Qt Developer Network in the conference bag, and by sending someone (a Nokia person or a Qt Partner employee) to attend a desk in the exhibition area.
  • If Nokia/Qt has some open positions in the European office (Oslo, Munich, Berlin), there is a specific recruiting session at EuroPython which Nokia can join as a sponsor. Even if the audience would mostly be composed of Python programmers, there is surely a subset that knows C++ as well (see also the Python Paradox []).

Amount of support required

We ask for the following support from Nokia :

  • Money: €5000 + VAT 20%.
  • Speakers: Nokia could fly a PyBossa developer from Brasil, and talk internally with David Boddie or some other developer to hold talks.
  • Exhibition: Nokia could fly one person to attend a desk in the exhibition area to inform about Qt Developer Network, and PySide.
  • Leaflets: some marketing material made by Nokia about the Qt Developer Network, that we can put in the conference bag.

If you also have some prizes for the prize draw, we can discuss about those as well.


For talks/trainings, we require an answer before April 17th, because the schedule must be finalized on April 22nd. We can agree on the exact subjects and speakers later, but we need to reserve the slots in the schedule by that date.

The marketing material (leaflets, etc.) must arrive by June 12nd in Florence. We can agree on printing it directly in Italy if it makes economic sense.

Contact person

Giovanni Bajo
Skype: giovannibajo

I can provide my mobile phone number via private mail or chat.