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Remove actions option menu in Symbian

The Problem

Sometimes Actions option is added automatically to the Options menu of Qt applications for Symbian.


Using Qt Designer

This article describes how to remove the strange Actions option which keeps appearing on Qt application running on Symbian.

  1. Go to the Qt Designer (you can do this in the code as well)
  2. Select every Widget in your form
  3. In the properties pane find contextMenuPolicy and change it to NoContextMenu for every widget inside your form (could be a QWidget, QDialog or a QMainWindow).
  4. See the screenshot below



Another way to solve the issue is to set NoContextMenu to all widgets using the code below:

  1. QWidgetList allWidgets = QApplication::allWidgets();
  2. foreach(QWidget* widget, allWidgets)
  3.        widget->setContextMenuPolicy(Qt::NoContextMenu);