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Qt Project Event Box

Prices on different proposed content:

Artefact Cost (EUR / NOK)
A Qt project rollup 300 EUR
Qt fliers Fixme: investigate – Anca
Qt t-shirt Fixme: check number of events we will attend, and number of t-shirts (1€ each* ) 1000 EUR
Qt stickers Popular (2000 units) 1350 EUR*
Qt USB key Fixme: check prise – might be too expensive (9 EUR with logo, 50 units)
Qt Pens (1400 EUR 1000 units)* 1400 EUR
Qt microfibre mobile screen cleaner (670 EUR, 500 units) 670 EUR
  • *Without VAT

Booth materials:

Artefact Use case Price (NOK) Price (Euro) Product link(s)
Power cords To give power to different devices 220 NOK 30 EUR /
International Adapter To convert from Brazilian or US based outlets 220 NOK 30 EUR
Small router with wifi Connecting all the devices to the wired network 479 NOK
Android tablets w/wifi and 3G showing cross platform Qt Quick apps 2200 NOK
iPad tablet showing cross platform Qt Quick apps 4100 NOK Should be bought overseas (½ the price)
Smartphone #1 Showing Qt Quick apps on BlackBerry We should ask BlackBerry for a device
Smartphone #2 Showing Qt Quick apps on Sailfish OS Lets see if it runs on N9
Smartphone #3 Showing Qt Quick apps on Ubuntu
Leigh weight touch screen laptop Displaying Qt Creator and Demos 8000 NOK
Small projector Code examples with audience 3200 NOK
Computer on a stick Showing “Boot to Qt” 699 NOK (e.g Rikomagic Android Mini PC MK802 IIIS: kr 699,-)
Tablecloth with Qt Project logo making the stand more pretty
Sticky tape Always needed to
Scissors Always needed to
Cord Always needed to
Stands for tablets Always needed to make a better display

Refill locally or with the box

  • Goodies
  • Bottled water (more of a check-list item than a booth box one of course)

shipping cost through different countries

  • European Union
  • Russia
  • India
  • Brazil
  • US
  • China