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Qt 5

Qt 5.0 has been released. Check out the Qt 5 landing page [].

Mission of release

Qt 5.0 will be the foundation for a new way of developing applications, where Qt Quick is in the center of Qt. Qt 5 continues to offer all of the power of native Qt C++, and we don’t want Qt 5 to be disruptive for existing code developed for Qt 4.

Qt 5 enables highly sophisticated user experiences, offering applications the full capabilities of OpenGL/OpenGL ES graphics acceleration. In this respect, Qt 5.0 is a feature-driven release with time-to-market requirements especially for embedded environments. This implies that we should keep the scope of Qt 5.0 limited to the essential, and add more features and add-on modules in the upcoming minor releases.


  • Alpha released on April 3, 2012.
  • Beta released on August 30, 2012.
  • Beta 2 released on November 13, 2012.
  • Final released on December 19, 2012.

Maintenance releases expected to come in a regular 6 month cycle and the content for those will be planned in detail after the final release.


Supported platforms for Qt 5 release are Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Specifically we are targeting to have the following platform configurations as reference platforms for Qt 5.0:

Platform Configuration Compilers Notes
linux-x86-32-gcc-x11 Ubuntu Linux 11.10 ×86 32 bit, X11 as provided
linux-x86-64-gcc-x11 Ubuntu Linux 11.10 ×86 64-bit, X11 as provided
windows-7-32-msvc2010-angle Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit MSVC 2010 SP1 32-bit ANGLE is used.
osx-10.7-64 Apple OS X 10.7 “Lion” Cocoa 64-bit as provided by Apple

In addition to the reference platform configurations, we would like to support the following configurations on Tier 1 level.

Platform Configuration CompilersNotes
windows-7-64-msvc2010-angle Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit, ANGLE MSVC 2010 SP1 64-bit
windows-7-32-msvc2010-opengl Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit, OpenGL MSVC 2010 SP1 32-bit
windows-7-64-msvc2010-opengl Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit, OpenGL MSVC 2010 SP1 64-bit
windows-7-32-mingw-builds Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit gcc 4.7 (MinGW-builds)
windows-xp-32-msvc2008 Microsoft Windows XP SP3 32-bit MSVC 2008 32-bit
osx-10.6-64 Apple Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” Cocoa 64 bit as provided

Other platforms might be supported, but probably do not get the same level of testing.


There are Qt Essentials Modules and Qt Add ons Modules.