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Qt MediaHub


QtMediaHub is a reference implementation of XBMC intended to showcase the power and convenience of QML. It is as a demo for use at Qt related events.
It is intended for research and to convey best practices when using Qt/QML.




  • Completely skinnable – QtMediaHub is completely written in Qt Quick½ and is thus completely skinnable. The core code is a C++ based media engine (aka runtime) that provides various platform and board dependent services. The QML User interface expose functionality at their discretion.
  • Support Qt4 and Qt5 (Qt4 implies QtQuick1 and Qt5 implies QtQuick2).
  • Controllable using a N9 remote control application. Device discovery is done through ZeroConf.
  • Media streaming to stream content from your set top box to another device
  • Packaged skins using a custom qar format
  • Allows custom media integration alongside any built-in media integration of Qt Mobility.


We have skins targeted for specific graphic engines.

Skin Purpose
Confluence Qt4 based Opengl targets
Shroomfluence (fork of Confluence) Qt5 based Opengl targets
Delphin Qt4 based DirectFB targets
Orca (fork of Delphin) Qt5 based OpenGL targets
Matinee Qt5 based OpenGL targets

Supported Platforms


You can get the latest source code from gitorious [].

Note that we are in the process of moving the git repositories to the


Building QtMediaHub once you have a functional Qt4 or Qt5 for your target is trivial.

  • qmake (for install prefix use ‘qmake PREFIX=/usr/’, default PREFIX is /usr/local)
  • make


  • ./bin/qtmediahub (on mac use ./bin/qtmediahub-launcher)

The developers meet at #qtmediahub on freenode.