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Qt 5 for Android project

The Qt 5 for Android project is based on Necessitas [] , the port of Qt 4 to Android. This is an overview page to organize the development of the port.

The Qt 5 for Android is already released in Qt 5 and instructions on how to obtain the necessary packages as well as view documentation and run examples, visit the Qt 5 documentation page Qt 5 Documentation []


Qt 5 for Android consists of several parts:

1. A platform plugin in $QTDIR/src/plugins/platforms/android
2. Java code which is built into a distributable .jar file containing binding code in $QTDIR/src/android/jar
3. Java code which is used as a template for new projects by the Qt Creator plugin in $QTDIR/src/android/java
4. A mkspec in $QTDIR/mkspecs/android-g++
5. Some build files in $QTDIR/android
6. A plugin to Qt Creator which generates the necessary Java wrapper, manifests, build instructions, etc to develop and deploy on Android. This is in $QTCREATOR/src/plugins/android.


If you have questions or suggestions to anyone working on this project, the easiest would be contact us on IRC. We are on #necessitas on the Freenode IRC servers.

We also have the project mailing list:


The project is currently in the regular Qt repositories in Clone the repositories and check out the “dev” branch to try it out.

Build instructions

Click here for detailed build instructions

Current status of modules

For the first experimental release of Qt 5 for Android, we aim to have support for the modules in qtbase.git, qtdeclarative.git, Qt Sensors and Qt Multimedia. Here is the current status of the modules.

Status of qtbase.git (Qt Core, Qt GUI, Qt Network, Qt SQL, Qt Test, Qt Widgets, Qt Concurrent, Qt D-Bus, Qt OpenGL, Qt Print Support, Qt XML)
Status of qtdeclarative.git (Qt QML, Qt Quick)
Status of Qt Sensors
Status of Qt Multimedia

Current status of device testing

We are compiling a list of devices where Qt for Android has been tested. If you are testing on a device which is not yet in the list (or if you have additional information), please update the page to include your experiences. There is also a list of test devices in the Oslo office.

Current status of autotests

We are currently running autotests manually on devices to monitor progress. Automation is under investigation as well. Take a look at the current results.

Bugs and tasks

Remaining issues for Qt for Android []
Remaining issues for Android plugin in Qt Creator []

These are used to monitor the progress of the project. Bugs and missing features can be filed in https// by setting component “QtPorts: Android” and “Android Support” in Qt and Qt Creator products respectively.