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Qt Installer Framework

The Qt Installer Framework provides a set of tools and utilities to create installers for the supported desktop Qt platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X.

The Qt Installer Framework is used e.g. for the Qt SDK installers, and Qt Creator installer.

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Review Board:,project,installer-framework/installer-framework,info

Building an Installer

You can either compile the Installer Framework on your own, or use a prebuilt one. It is recommended to build the 1.6 branch yourself.

Compiling the Installer Framework


Using a prebuilt version

The current prebuilt release version is available from the downloads page
Nightly snapshots are available at

Getting Help

IRC: Join #qt-sdk on freenode []
Mail: Ask on []


The Qt Installer Framework is developed under the qt-project umbrella: . All changes need to go through to be accepted.