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Creating the Type System Description

The type system is a specification that maps a C++ based library onto a corresponding Python module. The specification is a handwritten XML document listing the types that will be available in the generated binding, modifications to classes and function signatures to better suit the target language, and listing the components that should be rejected for the binding.

  1. <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2. <typesystem package="foo">
  3.     <load-typesystem name="typesystem_core.xml" generate="no" />
  4.     <object-type name="Math" />
  5. </typesystem>

PySide type system format is described to some extent in the API Extractor Reference [] (this format is similar to the one used by QtJambi and QtScript as described in The Qt Jambi Type System [] page). Each Qt module is mapped to it’s own typesystem provided by PySide, i. e. QtCore/typesystem_core.xml, QtGui/typesystem_gui.xml.