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PySide Binding Generation Tutorial

This tutorial describes the process of creating bindings with Shiboken. A very simple Qt-based library will be used as an example.

The image below shows the inputs needed to generate the binding source code.

The user provides the headers for the library along with a type system file describing how the classes will be exported to the target language, as well as any needed custom source code to be merged with the generated source code. If no big alteration is needed this will just be a declarative list of classes, namespaces, enums and global functions.

This tutorial will go through the steps needed to have the binding ready to be imported and used from a Python program. The tutorial source code is available as a tarball []. There are two versions of the binding example: the source code is the same but one uses a general Makefile and the other CMake build files; the latter is the system used by Shiboken and PySide.

ATTENTION: this tutorial and example will work with Shiboken and PySide 0.5+.