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PySideSimplicissimus : 10 min newbie to newbie Tutorials

Before one can start programming, there always are prerequisites. In the Prerequisites for your convenience provided are a few extant links to it as well as the Hello World example. The source code for all the programs in this package are deposited in a repository on and available for free download, using git the DVCS program:

  1.  git clone
  • Prerequisites
    In the following presented are several small examples. Unless otherwise noted, they should take about 10 mins. to complete, but it may take longer depending on various factors, including familiarity with PySide.
  • Close
    Every main PySide program window can be resized, moved around and it can be closed by clicking the [x] symbol. Many programmers, however, prefer to also have a button that closes the program. The following code snippet shows how such close button can be implemented.
  • About
    The example of shows an about box with version of Qt, PySide, Python and type of platform. Useful for any program, large or small.
  • Show Licence
    It is obligatory for programs licenced under GPL (General Public Licence) to enable users to display and read GPL. This GPL requirement is often overlooked. This snippet shows how to display GPL or CCPL licence text simply.
  • Combine
    Next presented is the combination of the CloseButton, AboutBox and Licence, all in one program. The program is almost useful – for instance, I use it to check about box to see what version of Python, Qt and PySide I am using. For a newbie, the program may take a little longer than 10 minutes.
  • Alternative Combine
    There are more ways to skin a cat than one – many examples of PySide and PyQt do not use the dual inheritance structure for their programs. This little tutorial gives an alternative method to structure the “Combine” program and avoid multiple inheritance. Good to know about it. It will probably take little less than 10 minutes.
  • Combine All in One
    This is the last variation of program, a version which merges and into one program. It’s merit is that the number of files is smaller and files with a warning not to alter them are no longer used. Next newbie to newbie tutorial will be a little more realistic – an engineering application
  • Practical (Almost) Engineering Application
    The promises have to be kept (I could never be a politician) – so here is an almost practical application to analysis of engineering structures, a familiar field of Civil and Aeronautical Engineering. It is a short and straight forward program, though it will take a longer than 10 minutes :)

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