The Qt Mobility a new suite of Qt APIs for supporting mobile device functionality. These APIs will enable cross-platform mobile application development.

Setting up Qt Mobility

Using Nokia Qt SDK

Qt Mobility comes with the Nokia Qt SDK [forum.nokia.com] Nokia Qt SDK. After you have installed the Nokia Qt SDK, if you have a Symbian device, you can install Qt and Qt Mobility libraries on your device from:

Windows start menu > Nokia Qt SDK beta > Symbian > Install Qt libraries/QtMobility to Symbian Device

Using Qt Mobility archive on Symbian

Download the archive package [qt.nokia.com] and extract it to your development environment.

The qtmobility.sis package must be installed on your Symbian device and the library archive qt-mobility-1.x.x-epoc32-5.0.zip must be extracted into your epoc32 development environment folder.

For more information read the INSTALL.symbian file.