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qmake is a tool that automates the genaration of Makefiles for projects (using Qt or not), i.e., acts as a build system tool. There is a whole section [doc.qt.nokia.com] of the official Qt documentation [doc.qt.nokia.com] dedicate to this tool. The idea behind this wiki page is to collect some material not present there yet and also tips & tricks that can be useful.

External References

  • Undocumented qmake [paulf.free.fr], by Paul John Floyd. Although a little old, there is interesting stuff there.
  • Qt Centre’s Undocumented qmake [qtcentre.org] This wiki page has some undocumented features. Some of them are now in the official docs though.
  • qmake exit codes [qt-project.org] Sometimes you are faced with a qmake exit code. Here’s an explanation.