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PySide Downloads

Depending on your needs, PySide is available either as source code or as binary packages for various platforms. Source code can be downloaded from the Python Package Index [], which also contains installation instructions for Linux and Windows.


Binaries are available for various platforms as listed below.

Source code

The source code for latest PySide release can be downloaded from the links below or PyPI []:

Alternatively, you can get the latest source code from our git repository at Qt Project’s Gerrit code review tool [] or from the read-only mirrors at []. See details in the Building Pyside page.

The old repositories from pre-Qt era can be found from [] with -archive added to the repository names.

Build instructions can be found in the Building PySide page and PySide Development.

PySide Test

To check if PySide in installed correctly just enter a python console and type:

  1. import PySide

If no error is returned, you have successfully installed PySide, and can start developing with Qt and Python.
You can also check the version of your PySide installation:

  1. PySide.__version__

The result will be something like 1.2.2.