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Community Sponsorship

Qt@Nokia has sponsored community projects since Trolltech was founded 15 years ago. Of course, the biggest contribution Qt makes to the community is Qt itself as Open Source (which started with version 0.9 in 1995).

We now sponsor code sprints, conferences, community sites, re-distribution of Qt (Linux distros ++), application projects, translations, documentation, language bindings and porting efforts.

The number of communities using Qt is growing quickly. The number of downloads has grown from 400.000 in 2008 to 2,1 million in 2012. To handle the growth, we re-engineered the sponsorship process in 2011. It’s a bit more formal regarding the application, contracting and invoicing. This is done to ensure more transparency and robustness, being able to sponsor more community projects.

Here is a flowchart of the process.
Application Workflow

Application process

We have a requirement that the community project applying for sponsorship must have one contact person who handles the administrative tasks in the sponsorship process. In addition this person will be the sole contact for following the application through. This “admin role” involves answering emails, voice calls, getting the sponsorship agreement signed, and invoicing us after the project is done etc.

The steps in the application process are:

  1. Make a project plan (referred to in the contract as ‘Appendix A’).
  2. Submit the project plan to the Qt wiki list of sponsorship candidates. To do this:
    1. Click Create New Page
    2. Add this category tag to the beginning of your article: [[Category:Community::Candidates]]
  3. The Qt community team assess the project plan and respond by email. Each application for a sponsorship grant is assessed within one month
  4. If the application for a sponsorship grant is successful, a sponsorship contract is sent to the nominated contact person
  5. After the event or project is done, the nominated contact person invoices Nokia/Qt

Don’t despair if your application doesn’t receive sponsorship. Keep it on the wiki so project contributors can build on or improve the application, allowing it to be reviewed again for sponsorship at a later stage.

The project plan – your application

Helpful bullets for what to remember in the project plan and application. Please don’t write more than one A4 or Letter sized page. Remember that your sponsorship application can only be assessed once it is on the wiki-page.

The project plan should include:

  • Project name.
  • Project purpose and goal(s).
  • How the project relates to using Qt? (Marketing, talks, development, contirubtions to Qt, web).
  • How does a sponsorship gain Qt? Add a short list of community facts: Key deliverables, # developers, # users, popularity, Qt contributions, more Qt users and so on (# = number of). Please add the key numbers and deliverables.
  • Timeline (a short project plan) with planned deliverables.
  • Amount of support required (money, prizes, hardware, logistics).
  • If you are a member of the Qt Ambassador Program [], please indicate so by writing in “I am a Qt Ambassador” in the project plan.
  • Link to the project page (e.g home page, project page, wiki).
  • Contact person details (contact person, e-mail, phone, skype, address).

As a guide you might read applications from projects already sponsored

The community sponsorship program is not a “venture capital” or investment program. It’s a program made for community sponsorship. Those who are looking for venture capital or other investments, should look at the Nokia Growth Partners program [].

How to submit your application

Once you have made a project plan (step 1), add it to the Qt wiki list of sponsorship candidates (step 2):
List of projects applying for sponsorship

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