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This page is outdated. Please see: Guidelines for Triaging bugs [] instead.

Bug Triaging (old version)

When evaluating an incoming bug, please follow these steps:

  1. Try to reproduce the issue, especially if it was reported against an earlier version than the latest Qt version (it might already be fixed)
  2. If you manage to reproduce the bug, try to come up with an easy way of reproducing it. Perhaps you can use one of the manual tests (we have a ton of manual tests in qtbase and many compile against 4.8 as well)
  3. If it is a crash, try to add a stacktrace
  4. If the user provided sample code snippets, try to create a small example that ideally runs Qt 4.8/5, and prints the QT_VERSION_STR somewhere to avoid pilot errors (Creator 2.7 has a nice “Create project from Code snippet” wizard – see Other Projects/Code Snippet)
  5. If you know how to fix it, feel free to provide a patch :)
  6. If not: Add a priority and assign it to the right person, if you know who that is. (If not, you can also leave it unassigned.)