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AML8726 M | Qt Wiki | Qt Project


CPUARM Cortex A-9 (1Ghz)
GPUMali 400-M
OpenGLOpenGL ES 2.0
Qt 5.0 (eglfs/QPA)Supported, with OpenGL ES 2.0

Device Information

The AML8726-M is made by Amlogic Inc [].

  • “AML8726-M device is designed for the tablet and MID applications. It integrates a power CPU, a 2D/3D graphics subsystem and a state-of-the arts video decoding engine with all major peripherals to form the ultimate multimedia SoC.” 1 [] Amlogic product information

It’s used in the Vivaldi tablet (based on zenithink c71) which uses Plasma Active as it’s UI.


Amlogic appears to be primarily focusing on Android support for this board. Much of the software stack is documented on their openlinux wiki []. You can download the rootfs from here [] and the kernel from here [].

Qt5 eglfs/QPA

If you have v-sync problem use this workaround


We are using the Code Soucery 2011.09 release, available here:

Compiling Qt5

  1. $ mkdir build && cd build
  2. $ export QTSRCDIR=<path_to_qt5>  # top level qt5.git and not qtbase
  3. $ export TOOLCHAIN_PATH=<path_to_toolchain> # see section above
  4. $ export SYSROOT=<path_to_rootfs>
  5. $ export PREFIX=<install_path_on_target>
  6. $ $QTSRCDIR/configure -device linux-arm-amlogic-8726M-g++ -force-pkg-config -device-option CROSS_COMPILE=$TOOLCHAIN_PATH/arm-2010q1/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi- -sysroot $SYSROOT -prefix $PREFIX -make libs -opensource -confirm-license
  7. $ make module-qtbase module-qtdeclarative
  8. $ make install # will install Qt into the $SYSROOT/$PREFIX