Tags, and how to use them

We think you probably know about the concept of tags, it's handy if you need to sort large amounts of content. And want to find it again.

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On all the content we serve on this site you have the option to add tags. They serve as a way to find related content across the site, so if you tag a forum post and a wiki page with "qtwebkit" they will both pop up in a search on that tag. But that's not all. Over time we will implement more and more features to populate various areas on the site - automagically and all based on your tags.

Add tags

To add a tag just write it in the edit field. Use commas to separate multiple tags. Hit enter. Done.

Search on tags

To search for tagged content just click the tag itself and you will be presented with what we have, sorted by category.

Delete tags

You can easily delete tags by just hitting the little X on the side of the label. It will then disappear from the list. Note: requires the rank of Hobby Entomologist or higher.


Should you hit the X by mistake you can always undo. Watch out for the Undo? link on the top right!

A helping hand

Our Tag system will help you by displaying popular tags from a pick list if you want to, just click the link under the edit box.

What's in it for me?

Well. You help build the site and sort content and everybody will love you for it. Isn't that fantastic? :-P
Every night our Qt Content robot goes through the tag log and awards you points for what you have done. You can find more about that here.