Qt Programming - Essentials (by ICS) (part 2/2)

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This training is designed as an essentials introduction to Qt programming. The training will be based on theory, discussions and walk-through examples. The training will help you learn the aspects and strategy of our products. The examples shown throughout the course are designed to underline the theory and to help students get a full understanding of the processes of using Qt. After completion you will have an essential knowledge of the capabilities of Qt, as well as some experience in programming with Qt, guided by a professional Qt trainer. Topics cover will include QObject, Signal/Slots, Events, Widgets, Layouts, Strings. Container, Qt Tooling and more.

Important notes. This is a teaser version of a full multi-day training course based on Qt Training materials. More information about this and other training offers is available here. ICS is a Qt Certified partner delivering premium consulting and training services around Qt.


May 9, 2011

Picture of joei2008 joei2008

Lab Rat

it has good information for personal studies

June 7, 2012

Picture of Lasma Lasma

Lab Rat

A very good show-around of Qt!

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