QPA - The Qt Platform Abstraction

QPA - The Qt Platform Abstraction is an upgrade and replacement for Qt for Embedded Linux (Qt/E). Although Qt/E has a lot of nice features and benefits (for example no external dependencies) it also has some major drawbacks (for example the strong binding to the software-painengine). This talk will explain the differences between QPA and QWS, QPA’s architecture and where and why QPA is your weapon of choice. You will also see some real examples showing you how you can start your own Qt-port using QPA.



December 23, 2011

Picture of lsatenstein lsatenstein

Lab Rat

I enjoyed this presentation, however there was some parts of the presentation that I would have liked to skip over, but the viewing software did not allow that. It forced me to watch the video from the beginning.

The part I wanted to skip over was about a topic I already knew.

December 28, 2011

Picture of sbakke sbakke

Lab Rat

Is there any documentation available for QPA? Searching for things like QPlatformWindow or QWindowInterface turns up absolutely nothing?

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