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Panasonic Avionics delivers cabin entertainment solutions including audio and video on demand, broadcast TV, telephony, wireless internet and games to over 5 million passengers daily with 100 airlines on over 3200 airplanes! Qt is the standard offered software platform for Panasonic’s X series product line. The X series includes smart monitors, handsets and game-pads; all powered by 2D/3D accelerated QML. QtQuick is involved in every step of software development to create a unique interactive seat application for every airline. Using Qt Creator, engineering works with designers and airlines to mock up an initial concept in real time - tweaking animations, layouts and navigation work-flow. When the design is complete, iterative drops are given to the customer in the operating system of their choosing to preview development progress. After freezing software, configuration tools can tweak the user interface by taking advantage of QML property binding. Qt allows Panasonic developers to step away from tedious, complex programming and, instead, focus on innovation, customer design, and a visually addictive passenger experience.

Gary Townsend is a Software Manager at Panasonic Avionics in Southern California. In 2001, he graduated from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Gary has directed many commercial and government systems projects for industry leading companies; utilizing artificial intelligence, future combat systems, flight critical instrumentation, system vulnerability evaluation, fault tree analysis and user interface design. He still finds time to code and is a competitive gamer, but most of Gary’s free time is spent with his wife and future engineering son, who loves to take things apart.


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