Fundamentals of Qt - Objects in Qt, part 3/3 - Sometimes signals are not enough…

Agenda and learning objectives:

  • How does Qt process events?
  • Event handling in your application
  • Events demo - using events to intercept closing application windows
  • Events and signals compared



May 18, 2012

Picture of mbadawi23 mbadawi23

Lab Rat

I’ve tried this tutorial, but I wasn’t able to get the closeEvent() to catch the click on the close button. I had to call setWindowModified(true) from the constructor in order for it to work.

This was not mentioned in the tutorial at all.

June 15, 2012

Picture of yongjong yongjong

Lab Rat

for studying

July 25, 2012

Picture of Trimax Trimax

Lab Rat

What is “isWindowModified” condition?

August 28, 2012

Picture of juhoh juhoh

Lab Rat

@mbadawi23: actually it was set in the tutorial too. check git:// for full source code.

@Trimax: see

September 1, 2012

Picture of Trimax Trimax

Lab Rat

@juhon: thanks

December 26, 2012

Picture of amandegar amandegar

Lab Rat

Short but useful introduction about Qt… Thank Mirko

March 7, 2013

Picture of esales esales

Lab Rat

Hello, I tried to see this videos in IE 32, IE 64, Firefox, Chrome and couldn’t. Is there other way to see it? Regards.

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