Qt 5.0 Videos

Have a look at the series of Qt 5 videos giving you an introduction to the release, insight into the development and demos and examples of what is possible with this epic Qt release.

Introducing Qt 5

Get an overview of what is new in Qt 5.0 and what there is to come in future Qt 5 releases.

This is Qt 5

Qt 5 transforms and "molds" software development to focus on amazing graphical capabilities and performance. Have a look at some highlights of Qt 5 and what is to come in future Qt 5 releases.

Introducing Qt 5 with a Qt Quick-Built Preso

The following is a tour of what is new in Qt 5. It is an application written with Qt Quick 2 based on Qt 5.

Qt 5 Demos and Examples

Qt 5 Cross-Platform Demo

This is a demonstration of the "Introducing Qt 5" demo written with Qt Quick 2 running simultaneously on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) and on the low-end embedded linux based Raspberry Pi. Seamless performance across all targets.

Qt 5 Media Player

This demo shows how you can use Qt 5 to create a video player with Qt Quick. It demonstrates how easy it is to apply shader effects and other neat animations in realtime.

Qt 5 on Raspberry Pi

Andrew Baldwin gives an in-depth demo of Qt 5 on the $35 Raspberry Pi board.

Ispirata: IVI Media Center

This demo from Ispirata shows a media center thought for an IVI application running on a QML scene on Qt5. Everything is accelerated through OpenGL and coded in pure QML. We are using ShaderEffects and leveraging all the main features from QtQuick2 for building the UI. http://www.ispirata.com

ICS: Touchscreen Application with Qt Quick 2

This touchscreen application from ICS is based on Qt 5 and Qt Quick 2. Using Qt's solid performance and rich functionality as the basis for the back-end, ICS wrote the entire user interface in Qt Quick 2, utilizing components developed in-house. As part of these components, the demo features video Middleware and a corresponding front-end. http://www.ics.com

KDAB: Qt Quick 2 UI & OpenGL

The Qt Quick 2 UI demo from KDAB is constructed using standard Qt Quick 2 items such as Image, MouseArea, and Rectangle. We expose the C++ OpenGL scene object from C++ to QML and bind the UI controls to properties on the scene. The Qt Quick 2 UI is readily able to control the OpenGL rendered scene via CPU calculations and uniform variables in the OpenGL shader programs. http://www.kdab.com

Qt Developer Interviews

Have a listen to some of the Qt developers talking about their involvement in the creation of Qt 5.

Kenneth Christiansen on Qt WebKit

Simon Hausman on Qt WebKit

Jens Bache-Wiig on Qt Quick

Samuel Rodal on Qt GUI, Qt Quick and Qt Open GLx

Jorgen Lind on Qt Platform Abstraction & Qt Wayland

Thiago Macieira on Qt Core