What are Question and Answer (Q&A) forums, and how do they work?

We’ve been looking at a lot of forums while building this network. And we mean, A LOT. No matter where you look, what the conversation boils down to is someone asking a question, and other people answering. Enter our Q&A forum.

Q&A vs. traditional forums

On the Qt Developer Network, we have a mix of traditional forums for open discussions. Not everything fits into the strict template of Question and Answer, you can use the other forums instead.

Got a question?

Every member can ask a new question. Look for the orange “Q&A” sign near the forum title. From there, things should be pretty straight forward: posting a new question works just like posting a new thread into all the other forums.

Know the answer?

Overview with open and solved questions

All questions will show in the overview together with the number of answers they have received (think forum replies) and an indication if the question has been marked as solved or not. If it hasn’t just add your comment with a suggestion for solving the respective problem, or improve on a suggested solution. Or simply rate up a suggested solution by another member.



Chosen answer

If you think you got an answer to your question, go ahead and mark it as such. This will magically make the chosen answer appear at the top, right below your question.

If it turns out that the answer you chose didn’t solve your problem after all, you can always undo your choice. Then, all goes back to start. Or if later on you receive an answer that is better or more precise, you can swap out the old chosen one for the new one.


What is in it for me?

Good questions encourage good answers. Both combined build a valuable knowledge base that help everyone in their quest to build awesome things with Qt. But hey, that’s not all. You guessed it: you get points! For every answered question, the original poster gets 5 points, for every one of your answers that is selected you get 7 points. And this time we have a special treat for moderators as well: for every answer a moderator selects as the solution we grant 3 points. That’s a small thank-you gift for the busy people keeping our forums tidy.