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A group for the Indian Qt Developer community. To learn, discuss and showcase Qt apps, ask questions, troubleshoot and help each other. All other members are also welcome to join.
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Want to set up Qt5 for developing application in Wandboard

by: Mayur Gaikwad | Views: 48 | Forum: India | Last post by Mayur Gaikwad, 15 hours ago

Hi All,

I am working on Wandboard Solo. I am developing my application in Ubuntu for that i want to set up Qt5 for wandboard. I learn how to create new project using Qt Creater, but i am getting stuck at qmake configuration. I am not able to define qmake configuration on wandboard. I want to set up crosscompiler in Qt creater which can compile & gives suitable output file for Wandboard.

I tried to go thru the link “http://wiki.wandboard.org/index.php/Setup_QT_creator_for_developing_QT_apps_on_wandboard”. but i am not understanding the part “Export the qmake variables to QT Creator 3.0” that how the qmake configuration is set for Wandboard & how the path “/build/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-mx6-poky-linux-gnueabi/qtbase/5.1.1- r0/build/config.summary” will created.

Can someone suggest the steps to set up Qt5 for Wandboard in detail?

Mayur Gaikwad


Want to configure Qt5 for Wandboard-solo board

by: Mayur Gaikwad | Views: 19 | Forum: India

As we are very new to Qt, we want to configure Qt5 for Wandboard-solo board. We haven’t know how to set up compilers, Kits, debuggers, & Qt versions for Wandboard.

Please provide detailed steps & procedure to do this.

Also, please share the link if in case it is already available on this forum.

As we have very specific time span for our developement, please reply as soon as possible.



AdvanTRAK Qt for QNX

by: dinakar510 | Views: 73 | Forum: India | Last post by dinakar510, July 24, 2014

AdvanTRAK Technologies provide support on Qt for QNX RTOS.

Link points you to the page from where you can get Demo of Qt on QNX.
Qt for QNX [community.qnx.com]

-Thanking You.
AdvanTRAK Technologies.
Contact: Jagan — 9901200358


(SOLVED) Want to learn basics of Qt with in limited time span(2 to 3 weeks)

by: Mayur Gaikwad | Views: 88 | Forum: India | Last post by IamSumit, July 24, 2014

Hello All,

I am very new to QT & want to develope my application in QT. I have installed QT5.3.1 on my ubuntu os. I want to learn QT from scratch. please guide me how to go ahead from this stage. I am trying to get some help from “Help” menu but its seems very time consuming & i have very limited time span to learn & develope Appliction in QT.

Please suggest me the path for moving ahead.

Thanks & regards,


AdvanTRAK Technologies Pvt Ltd, Qt Distributor in India, Bangalore

by: dinakar510 | Views: 98 | Forum: India

AdvanTRAK Technologies is a leading Product Distribution Company with wide range of Products Portfolio and Experience in RTOS,We distribute Qt Commercial License and Provide Technical Support and Training.

Qt is a Cross Platform UI and Application development framework which follows the concept of Write Code once and deploy many times irrespective of the target platform. Qt comes with many of the Modular C++ Classes to deploy Rich User Interface Application that renders 2D and 3D Graphics . Besides, User Interface, Qt can be used to develop only Business logic which can be anything starting from Multi threading till large web based application that needs database connectivity.

-Thanking You.
AdvanTRAK Technologies.
Contact: Jagan — 9901200358


Opening for Qt/C++ developers at Bangalore location

by: 3D123 | Views: 146 | Forum: India

3DPLM software [3dplmsoftware.com] is looking for a Software Engineer or Senior Software Engineer with 2-6 years of experience in Qt/C++ for Bangalore location.

As part of our Software Application Development team you will be involved in challenging and exciting projects, supporting the team in the creation of outstanding 3D visualization applications. You will get high quality experience in a young, high energy, friendly, fun and professional environment where people work together as a family. Our employees are constantly learning, upgrading their skills, developing their competences and finding way to fully use their potential.

3DPLM software developers work with innovative technologies, build world-class products and cooperate with global customers. Being part of 3DPLM means working in an independent, well-organized and collaborative team.

Job Responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the team in the development and maintenance of our world class 3D visualization software
  • Estimating, designing, planning and implementing software modules and features
  • Researching the latest technology and trends, while creating new and innovative ways to improve applications

Interested candidates can email their resumes to Sivakumar_RAMAMURTHY@3dplmsoftware.com or Manojkumar_SAUNDATTI@3dplmsoftware.com


qt application on LVDS display Freescale Saberauto board

by: shivaraj349@gmail.com | Views: 163 | Forum: India | Last post by shivaraj349@gmail.com, July 9, 2014

Hi All,
I am using IMX6 Freescale Saberauto board with LVDS (secondary display) and HDMI as(primary display). I want two different outputs on both screens. On LVDS I want QT application to run.But it is not happening, it is running on primary display. Please let me know some solution.



caputuring data in qt in windows

by: vikchh00@gmail.com | Views: 193 | Forum: India | Last post by vikchh00@gmail.com, June 26, 2014

Friends, how do I capture system resources usage (like total/used/free RAM, hard disk space, last login detail, shutdown time, boot time, start time,end time,%cpu,%mem of any application(most important)) in windows through code in Qt, I mean which library or DLL to download from where? How I use that in Qt?

It will be good if someone give answer in detail with small example. I’m new to programming.

I’m able to capure totam ram and free ram like this

MEMORYSTATUSEX memory_status;
ZeroMemory(&memory_status, sizeof(MEMORYSTATUSEX));
memory_status.dwLength = sizeof(MEMORYSTATUSEX);
if (GlobalMemoryStatusEx(&memory_status))
{ int q=memory_status.ullTotalPhys/(1024 * 1024); int q1=memory_status.ullAvailPhys/(1024 * 1024);


Welcome to Qt India Group and Forum

by: Deleted Member # 4a2 | Views: 7236 | Forum: India | Last post by Suraj Golliwar, June 19, 2014

The basic rules of the Devnet forum also apply to this group/forum.

See http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/ForumHelp [developer.qt.nokia.com]

Small note: There are infinite possibilities that mobile apps can achieve to the Indian people and the environment here. The field is totally untapped. Nokia is the leading mobile device player here and Qt is the best possible cross platform development framework probably available.

This group has just been created and look forward to more activities here.

  • Learning Qt
  • Troubleshooting
  • Wiki articles
  • Brainstorm your ideas

Open for your ideas …


Qt Installation on Xubuntu 13.1

by: kishor_durve | Views: 330 | Forum: India | Last post by Clochydd, June 9, 2014

I am sure this has been asked and answered before but I could not find the thread. I am a newbie to Qt and am trying to install it on Odroid (OS Xubuntu 13.1). I tried to run qt-opensource-linux-x86-1.6.0-3-online by chaning permission to ‘Allow this file to run as program’. But when I clicked ‘Execute’ on right click – nothing happened. I downloaded the file qt-opensource-linux-x86-5.3.0 and again tried. Once again nothing happened. What am I doing wrong? Is there a written down procedure somewhere?
Kishor Durve

This is an overview of the latest updated topics, visit the full forum here.