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This group is for attendees of the Qt Contributors' Summit in 2011 in Berlin. Access is granted based on confirmed attendance. Exception: Trolls.
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Restructuring and Requirements for the Developer Network’s Wiki

dialingo [developer.qt.nokia.com] had proposed a new structure: Structuring_DevNet_Wiki

Alexandra: “A wiki will always be a bit of messy” :-)

Current drawbacks

  • categorizing (re-categorizing is manual work)
  • status
  • wiki is part of the core, hard to change

overview of what the wiki is able to do is on expression engine website


  • count how often a wiki article is cited (wiki, forums)
  • analyze web statistics how often an article is read
  • display date/time of last edit and probably user
  • dynamic page with the recent added/changed wiki pages


  • can wiki content be moved to the official docs copyrightwise?
  • parent pages would ease work, but are not available at the moment

Related Content

Will be based on the tags already on the DevNet pages.


  • Current structure should remain
  • additional categorizing (where not already done) similar to dialingo’s proposal
  • synchronize with official documentation (role/task based landing pages)


A feature request for supporting translations is in the works upstreams. No date when it’s ready, though.