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Prototype of the Resource page

Page is live now -> []

Fixes headings, more separation, more illustrations, featured content evolved

Previous: []

Targeted broadly we want to show the important resources for Qt and help users find the things they need.

The actual text on that prototype is fake, so no use commenting on it. :) But ideas for what to put there are much appreciated. And if the design is suboptimal.

You can comment on this page, just add your name after your text:


  • [fixed] The design has new elements, not so sure we want to introduce a lot of new elements -MariusG
  • [fixed] I don’t really see much things added… boxes for Qt releases and tables with other content. Some pictures added to make most accessed content more visible. This featured content thingy could be forgotten, isn’t there something like that in the frontpage already? (Smar)
  • It looks good to me. (Gerolf)
  • This new one looks good to me too. Me losing link to Qt Jambi stuff, but I suppose nothing can be done for that :) (Smar)