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Digia "hate mail" forum post notifications

by: goblincoding | Views: 109 | Forum: website | Last post by koahnig, October 19, 2014

I’ve lately been receiving a lot of notifications again about posts on threads that I’m subscribed to, all of which have roughly the same content from somebody who obviously feels severely wronged (I’m sure you know what I am referring to).

These posts are obviously deleted basically immediately, but I was wondering if there is a way to eliminate the notifications as well?

The reason for my request is that, obviously once you’ve been notified of a new post in a thread, you don’t receive another notification until you’ve visited that thread again, but visiting the thread is tricky since clicking on the notification link leads you to the

Notice The following errors were encountered The specified thread does not exist


The only solution I have to find these threads again is naturally to expressly search for the thread title mentioned in the notification email, which I personally find to be a bit of a pain.

So perhaps we can reset whatever notification flag is set whenever a reply is deleted so that the next reply triggers the notification event again?


QML & widget market place

by: echostorm | Views: 93 | Forum: website

Why not start a market place like the ones envato has for example and allow developers to sell the widgets or QML controls they make…

I really feel that we are missing out alot on when it comes to quality / quantity controls and widgets available especially the Quick 2 based ones!

This marketplace just might help in that lacking area – its just a suggestion you should also have a reward program or bounty for most requested type of widget and should have a free file every month :)

What do you guys think?


Qt 5.4 release plan

by: dlfo | Views: 1030 | Forum: website | Last post by Tero Kojo, October 2, 2014

Qt 5.4 release plan should be on first page:

Also, as today is 8 Aug 2014, it should be updated to have the updated plan.


Qt website images licence ?

by: postb99 | Views: 201 | Forum: website | Last post by Tero Kojo, September 26, 2014


Under which licence are the pictures on this page?


I’d like to know whether the licence allows to include these images on my website (a wiki), for a Qt based framework, to indicate different documentation sections. This gives some credit to Qt but they are primary Qt property.

Thank you very much for your feedback.


download links broken

by: doctor3d | Views: 217 | Forum: website | Last post by doctor3d, September 15, 2014

download links broken
ERROR: Forbidden

While trying to retrieve the URL

Access Denied))

all links even QT 5 , even online installer all the same.


Forum presents the links differently for some non English languages

by: andreyc | Views: 244 | Forum: website | Last post by SGaist, August 30, 2014


Forum presents the links differently for some non English languages
For example:
English []

[EDIT]: Changed title.


[SOLVED] "Mark as read" button is absent in Firefox, present in Chrome

by: andreyc | Views: 309 | Forum: website | Last post by andreyc, August 23, 2014

Why the small green button “Mark as read” appears only in Chrome but not in Firefox and Safari ?


Pending Posts are not updated.

by: p3c0 | Views: 229 | Forum: website | Last post by p3c0, August 22, 2014

I have been observing the following from a long time back,
Following is the scenario,
1. Click the “Unanswered posts” here
2. Show all the pending posts with 0 replies
3. Answer any one of the Post there but in a new tab
4. Now come back to this page and just refresh, it will show the answered question with the number of replies.

So shouldn’t this Post be removed from the list of pending posts on refresh as it does have a reply ?


submit post link not visible because green rectangle vanished

by: Eddy | Views: 1058 | Forum: website | Last post by JandunCN, August 21, 2014

Hi all,

I was inactive for some time, filling all my spare time coding and now I’m back here.

When I wanted to reply to an existing forum thread I didn’t see the “submit post” button. strange?! After looking more closer I saw the background color and text color is almost identical.
Is someone else seeing this? When I start a new forum topic I can see the same in green rectangles.



QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent::source() documentation error

by: Sandytf | Views: 217 | Forum: website | Last post by Sandytf, August 14, 2014

The documentation for QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent::source() states “This function returns the QGraphicsView that created the QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent”. However, this function actually returns the source of the QDropEvent that the QGraphicsView processed while creating the QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent. Also, it may be helpful to mention that QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent::widget() returns a pointer to the QGraphicsView’s viewport. At least I didn’t find that behavior to be obvious.

I almost forgot to mention, I would have placed a note on the QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent page, but I don’t seem to have permission.

The relevant code (for 5.3.1)

  1. void QGraphicsView::dropEvent(QDropEvent *event)
  2. {
  3. #ifndef QT_NO_DRAGANDDROP
  4.     Q_D(QGraphicsView);
  5.     if (!d->scene || !d->sceneInteractionAllowed)
  6.         return;
  8.     // Generate a scene event.
  9.     QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent sceneEvent(QEvent::GraphicsSceneDrop);
  10.     d->populateSceneDragDropEvent(&sceneEvent, event);
  12.     // Send it to the scene.
  13.     QApplication::sendEvent(d->scene, &sceneEvent);
  15.     // Accept the originating event if the scene accepted the scene event.
  16.     event->setAccepted(sceneEvent.isAccepted());
  17.     if (sceneEvent.isAccepted())
  18.         event->setDropAction(sceneEvent.dropAction());
  20.     delete d->lastDragDropEvent;
  21.     d->lastDragDropEvent = 0;
  23. #else
  24.     Q_UNUSED(event)
  25. #endif
  26. }

void QGraphicsViewPrivate::populateSceneDragDropEvent(QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent *dest, QDropEvent *source)
#ifndef QT_NO_DRAGANDDROP Q_Q(QGraphicsView); dest->setScenePos(q->mapToScene(source->pos())); dest->setScreenPos(q->mapToGlobal(source->pos())); dest->setButtons(source->mouseButtons()); dest->setModifiers(source->keyboardModifiers()); dest->setPossibleActions(source->possibleActions()); dest->setProposedAction(source->proposedAction());


This is an overview of the latest updated topics, visit the full forum here.