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Old missing Gerrit video

by: JKSH | Views: 108 | Forum: website | Last post by Tero Kojo, December 16, 2014

While going through one of the wiki pages about Gerrit setup [], I found this link to a video tutorial:

Apparently, the video has been missing for over 2 years now.

Is there any chance that it still exists in a drive somewhere?

replies - "This Connection is Untrusted" in Firefox

by: utcenter | Views: 140 | Forum: website | Last post by Tero Kojo, December 16, 2014

Just thought I should bring this to attention:



Login leads to maintenance screen

by: Whatever123 | Views: 297 | Forum: website | Last post by Tero Kojo, December 16, 2014

Whenerver I try to login with my previous created account “resUtQ” I get this maintenance screen:

Screen1 []
Screen2 []

It’s happening browser and platform* independent. I don’t know how I broke it, but it only seems to happen to me?

*tried with a browser in a virtual sytem.

Anyway regards


(Solved)Hiding or Bug?

by: vpwal | Views: 340 | Forum: website | Last post by vpwal, December 1, 2014

Hi all .
First of all look here and find setFrequency() function .
look here []
the result no such word/function.
But when i do coding i found setFrequency() function.
Even many of Examples provided by Qt docs uses setFrequency() function.
given here []
Why ? is it bug on webpage ?.


Need help implementing QGraphicsScene/QGraphicsView/QGraphicsItem

by: Kantharaj | Views: 106 | Forum: website

Hi ,
I have a requirement like, Image representation network topology kind of Tree structure. like a Network topology, contains number of networks. to start with. first will have to start representing a single network contains many network elements in an order, once the single network representation is done, then that network can be attached to main topology network.
so here is my thought is that. I will be using Two QGraphicsScene ,one is for Main Topology representation. and one is for creating a representation of a single Network. once the Single Network is created and that can be pushed to other QGraphicsScene.
Here i wanted to know is this the better approach and is there a Qt Inbuilt options to clone QGraphicsItems drawn on one scene to other Scene.


Website bugs

by: Binary91 | Views: 134 | Forum: website | Last post by Binary91, November 19, 2014

Hi everyone,

I just recognized some annoying bugs on this website.
I don’t know whether I’m the only one who can’t access many pages of my profile like “Bagde settings” or “view public profile” or most other pages.. I just get an empty page (typical configuration error).
Also, the badge updates don’t work correctly, because I should be Groupie for a long time (but I’m not really interested in that, I just noticed that bug)…

Is this website still in progress or does anyone work on the php/js management? I think a well running website is important for a representative forum ;)



Unable to receive your submission

by: skylendar | Views: 217 | Forum: website | Last post by SGaist, November 5, 2014

Hi there and thx for reading and answering this post if you can.

I’m striving for 3 days to answer “yes” to a question in this thread [], but the forum engine always returns: Error Message: Unable to receive your submission at this time

I’m using Firefox 33 linux x86_64 from opensuse 13.1. So far it worked.

What’s wrong ?


Manage Ignore List not working

by: Rolias | Views: 148 | Forum: website | Last post by SGaist, October 30, 2014

I was just exploring the Edit Profile area. When I got to the manage ignore list item and clicked it I just got a blank page. The URL it directs you to has a type in the path for the word “member”, in the url it is “mebmer”. Correcting this still doesn’t take you anywhere. I’m not even sure what the feature does but I thought it was worth mentioning that it doesn’t seem to work.


Digia "hate mail" forum post notifications

by: goblincoding | Views: 275 | Forum: website | Last post by koahnig, October 19, 2014

I’ve lately been receiving a lot of notifications again about posts on threads that I’m subscribed to, all of which have roughly the same content from somebody who obviously feels severely wronged (I’m sure you know what I am referring to).

These posts are obviously deleted basically immediately, but I was wondering if there is a way to eliminate the notifications as well?

The reason for my request is that, obviously once you’ve been notified of a new post in a thread, you don’t receive another notification until you’ve visited that thread again, but visiting the thread is tricky since clicking on the notification link leads you to the

Notice The following errors were encountered The specified thread does not exist


The only solution I have to find these threads again is naturally to expressly search for the thread title mentioned in the notification email, which I personally find to be a bit of a pain.

So perhaps we can reset whatever notification flag is set whenever a reply is deleted so that the next reply triggers the notification event again?


QML & widget market place

by: echostorm | Views: 188 | Forum: website

Why not start a market place like the ones envato has for example and allow developers to sell the widgets or QML controls they make…

I really feel that we are missing out alot on when it comes to quality / quantity controls and widgets available especially the Quick 2 based ones!

This marketplace just might help in that lacking area – its just a suggestion you should also have a reward program or bounty for most requested type of widget and should have a free file every month :)

What do you guys think?

This is an overview of the latest updated topics, visit the full forum here.