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new to Qt.

by: naik.manju98 | Views: 51 | Forum: website | Last post by naik.manju98, 13 hours ago

dear All, i am totally new to qt and i was trying to look at it. so i tried to check examples in it it was giving totally error and dont know hoe to sort it out.
os: windows 8.1

with the first error i googled it and installed minGW and linked it in tools:option:build and run:cumpilers linked to C:\MinGW\bin\gcc.exe.

in kit and qt version there is a red error mark with ! mark.

no idea how to sort it please help me.



Typo in sign-in form

by: kumararajas | Views: 212 | Forum: website | Last post by kumararajas, July 22, 2014


I found a minor typo mistake in sign in form.

URL is:

I believe that it should have been

I am not sure if this is the right place holder. Admin, please move it to the right section.



Long tag names

by: qxoz | Views: 105 | Forum: website | Last post by SGaist, July 18, 2014

There are impossible for regular moderators deleting too long tag names.
Probably needed add limit for tag names?
Implement software update []




by: Munteanu Marian | Views: 87 | Forum: website | Last post by andreyc, July 15, 2014

Links that point to user profile contain a “typo”,…, mebmer instead of member.


QAndroidJniObject to QHash conversion in Qt.

by: Jivika | Views: 106 | Forum: website


I want to call java function (that returns HashMap) from c++.
for this my c++ function is below.

  1. QHash<QString, QString> NotificationClient::getDeviceInfo() {
  2.         QAndroidJniObject obj= QAndroidJniObject::callStaticObjectMethod("org/tradeindia/apps/messenger/TIMessenger/TIMessenger", "deviceInfo","()QHash<QString,QString>");
  3. }

and java function is

  1.             public static HashMap<String, String> deviceInfo() {
  2.                  HashMap<String, String> map = new HashMap<String, String>();
  3.                  map.put("HELLO", "WORLD");
  4.                  return map;
  5.             }

In the C++ function i am not able to convert QAndroidJniObject to QHash.
or i am not following the right way of doing this.

Please help..


Forum descriptions are outdated?

by: trusktr | Views: 75 | Forum: website

For example, perhaps the description for the “Mobile and Embedded” forum should include “iOS”, “Windows Phone”, “Android”, and “Blackberry” somewhere in the description instead of just “Symbian, MeeGo”.

Also, in this day and age of so many different devices with varying sizes and resolutions, perhaps a forum called “Crossplatform Development” or “Universal Development” should be made so people can ask device-independent questions. The description can be along the lines of “Discuss device-independent crossplatform app development here.”.


site & account problem

by: mohsen2 | Views: 89 | Forum: website

I’ve a problem with my devnet account. I found that when i log into my account, i wont receive any data from website. Any request to a page will return blank.

Username: mohsen

PS. I’ve had administration roles for Persian forum.



How to improve the site?

by: Tero Kojo | Views: 2519 | Forum: website | Last post by JKSH, July 11, 2014


I’ve now been looking around, having discussions and wondering about things, and have now come to some form of understanding on what should be done with the site.

The things I’ve read on the wiki about the ideas that have been put down for the future of the site [] pretty much ring true to me.

Looking at the infrastructure there are a number of actions that need to be investigated and taken:

  • Moving the wiki to the MediaWiki that is currently running at [] (yes, I was just as surprised as anyone to find it there. It is locked at the moment, but it’s there)
  • Cleaning the current userbase, there are user ids that have not been used in a long time. Cleaning needs to happen to make other actions possible
  • Moving the userbase to the Atlassian tools that are running and in use for bugreports and codereview
  • Moving the static pages like the documentation to another CMS (WordPress comes to mind with it’s large and active developer base)
  • Moving the forums to another platform (if WordPress for the static part, then bbPress would be a natural choise, but that needs a discussion) This task is actually pretty big, because we need to preserve the history. Also this needs to happen at the same time as the userbase move, or it needs to be co-ordinated with it.

As you can see the theme here is moving away from expression engine. The current install is pretty hacked in every corner, and with the original developers gone, there are things that can not be updated without a prohibitive amount of work. That is part of the reason I have been closing old bugs, with the current platform there is fairly little that can be done easily.

Having task specific tools for each part of the site (wiki, static pages, forum) should also provide a better possibility for anyone to advance to maintain some aspect of the site (compare with the current problems in giving out moderator rights)



chrome thinks Qt downloads are malicious

by: billconan | Views: 187 | Forum: website | Last post by MuldeR, June 28, 2014

recently chrome started to consider qt downloads are malicious and blocks them. you need to solve this problem.

I have to download with firefox now.


[SOLVED]ERROR: Qt Online Installer for Linux 404 Not found

by: arsinte_andrei | Views: 191 | Forum: website | Last post by arsinte_andrei, June 25, 2014

Did any of you stolen the binary under Linux section? if yes please return them back :))
I do not know how too warn the administrator of this website qt-project that the *.run files ar missing for both platforms 32 and 64 bit. what I’ve done I’ve dpwnloaded the masive one of 513Mb if that is the complete one.. any way it will be nice if they will put back this files in the proper location. I’m using Firefox 30 but is an internat 404 server error that the file is not found so I do not think that is the browser but the server…

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