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Qt Community grows

by: qxoz | Views: 60 | Forum: website | Last post by Eddy, 6 hours ago

I noticed that everyday i see few first posts of new members and this is great to know that community grows. But is there any ability show the statistics as diagram or table?
It is just my curiosity :)


Broken Profile Link?

by: Alexander Linne | Views: 86 | Forum: website | Last post by SGaist, April 15, 2014


I currently have a problem that when I try to access my Profile over the menu on the right I get an 404 error. The link then is:


If I go to one of my posts the link is:


and everything works fine.

Anyone else having this problem?



How to prevent spammer to post messages?

by: andreyc | Views: 521 | Forum: website | Last post by andreyc, April 10, 2014

Just deleted 13 spam messages from this one
And found that it was adding messages while I was deleting them.

Is there any way to make user silent for some time or report it to the site administrators?


Deleting posts question

by: qxoz | Views: 106 | Forum: website | Last post by qxoz, March 27, 2014

Hi everyone!
I have a question for moderators and Tero Kojo.
What do you think should we delete posts like: [] []
or let them stay?


How to improve the site?

by: Tero Kojo | Views: 1156 | Forum: website | Last post by dboddie_work, March 25, 2014


I’ve now been looking around, having discussions and wondering about things, and have now come to some form of understanding on what should be done with the site.

The things I’ve read on the wiki about the ideas that have been put down for the future of the site [] pretty much ring true to me.

Looking at the infrastructure there are a number of actions that need to be investigated and taken:

  • Moving the wiki to the MediaWiki that is currently running at [] (yes, I was just as surprised as anyone to find it there. It is locked at the moment, but it’s there)
  • Cleaning the current userbase, there are user ids that have not been used in a long time. Cleaning needs to happen to make other actions possible
  • Moving the userbase to the Atlassian tools that are running and in use for bugreports and codereview
  • Moving the static pages like the documentation to another CMS (WordPress comes to mind with it’s large and active developer base)
  • Moving the forums to another platform (if WordPress for the static part, then bbPress would be a natural choise, but that needs a discussion) This task is actually pretty big, because we need to preserve the history. Also this needs to happen at the same time as the userbase move, or it needs to be co-ordinated with it.

As you can see the theme here is moving away from expression engine. The current install is pretty hacked in every corner, and with the original developers gone, there are things that can not be updated without a prohibitive amount of work. That is part of the reason I have been closing old bugs, with the current platform there is fairly little that can be done easily.

Having task specific tools for each part of the site (wiki, static pages, forum) should also provide a better possibility for anyone to advance to maintain some aspect of the site (compare with the current problems in giving out moderator rights)



How to delete spam faster?

by: andreyc | Views: 134 | Forum: website | Last post by Eddy, March 21, 2014

Currently I have to click on a spam message scroll down if post is long and then click on delete and confirm.
Is there any way to delete bunch of spam messages faster then in 3 clicks per message?


General and Desktop section is full of spam!

by: T3STY | Views: 106 | Forum: website | Last post by JKSH, March 20, 2014

As title says, the General and Desktop section is literally full of spam threads! I reported some threads but they’re really too many. I don’t know who is in charge for cleaning that section so I post here hoping some mods/admins will see this post and clean the section.
BTW, thank you for your work ;)


Forum browsing errors: .

by: rcari | Views: 137 | Forum: website | Last post by SGaist, March 6, 2014

Hi all, when I use the forums, I like to go straight to the “Unanswered posts” to see if I can help anyone. The first page shows up fine but if I try to move to another page, I always get an error notice saying:
Your search did not return any results.
Therefore I can only effectively view the first page of that category. I have the same issue with search. Am I the only one ?


Things that do not currently work

by: Tero Kojo | Views: 271 | Forum: website | Last post by sierdzio, March 4, 2014

Hi all,

I’ve been looking at the site some more and a few things that make me wonder on the logic.

  • Tags – they seem to be completely misused. Everything is tagged to death, so that tags are in effect useless.
  • Groups and forums – these seem really similar and overlap a lot. In my mind they separation needs to be clearer.
  • The wiki…

If you have any pet peeves about the site, please post them below.


Download links- Online installers - Are Broken

by: TioRoy | Views: 221 | Forum: website | Last post by Tero Kojo, March 3, 2014

The link to download online installers are wrong.

Actual link:

Correct link:

This is an overview of the latest updated topics, visit the full forum here.