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QCameraInfo::availableCameras() CANNOT update when remove a webcam

by: grandyang | Views: 128 | Forum: website | Last post by yeckel, February 19, 2015

Hi all

I have a question about QCameraInfo::availableCameras(). This function return all the available cameras connecting to my machine. It returns NULL when no cameras plugged in, and it works fine when I connect a webcam, however, it doesn’t work when I unplugged the camera, which means it still returns the camera. Should’t it return NULL when I disconnect the camera?

Waiting for reply and thanks very much!


[SOLVED] Creating classes in Qt Stylesheet

by: holygirl | Views: 1171 | Forum: website | Last post by Beliar, January 30, 2015

Hi all!

I’m new to Qt and I have a question regarding stylesheets. I’m using many labels in my designed and I want each label to have a different styling. As of now, I have

  1. {
  2.     border: none;
  3.     padding: 0;
  4.     background: none;
  5. }

but this applies the same style to all the labels. I even tried

  1. .heading
  2. {
  3.     color: brown;
  4. }
  6. .heading2
  7. {
  8.     color: red;
  9. }

for different styles for each label. But I can’t get it to work. My question is, how can I customize the styling for each label even though I am referring to the same stylesheet?


Code snippet sharing

by: Milot Shala | Views: 2934 | Forum: website | Last post by cybercatalyst, January 29, 2015

Hello :D

Great work here guys!

I was thinking, would it be good if you include any code snippet sharing system here?

Someone can write a plugin for Qt Creator that users can manage (download / upload) their code snippets from within the Qt Creator and be able to see and manage their code snippets from the web as well.

Lots and lots of code is rewritten in the industry today and why let developers reinvent the wheel, instead of using code (a cool widget, an algorithm etc.) that someone has written once and shared in the code snippet sharing system?

The typical scenario can be for example:

I am writing a Luhn algorithm using Qt for the use of it within my Qt project(s), but I want to share such algorithm with the rest here, I just select the code that I want to share, hit a shortcut or select a menu that brings a dialog for more information such as name, Qt modules that were used etc. and share the snippet within my snippet “space” where someone else that is having similar task (writing the Luhn algorithm) can search, find my snippet, from Qt Creator select the snippet name and have the snippet inserted in his focused area…

There is an independent project that is known among .NET developers called CodeKeep ( it has a Visual Studio add-in as well.


How to use QTextEdit as control in WinRT xaml

by: aiai99 | Views: 94 | Forum: website

I want to embed QTextEdit as a UI into my winRT xaml application?. Can i use Windows runtime SwapChainPanel with QTextEdit. If you have good idea please help me.


Site ssl certificate not updated on time

by: Tero Kojo | Views: 193 | Forum: website | Last post by SGaist, January 28, 2015


The site (actually the * ssl certificate expired yesterday.
We do have the new certificate, but installing it is unfortunately taking more time than expected.
So ssl connections will appear self-signed till we get the new cert in place.

I’ll update here when the cert is back in place again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Images missing from tutorial "Qt for beginners — A pretty button" found att internet archive.

by: SwePtr | Views: 205 | Forum: website | Last post by Tero Kojo, January 26, 2015

For this Qt for beginners — A pretty button [] tutorial some pictures are missing.

I found them at wayback machine.

Missing Image 1
Missing image 1
Missing Image 2
Missing image 2
Missing Image 3
Missing image 3
Missing Image 4
Missing image 4
Missing Image 5
Missing image 5

If an web-admin see this post maybe he/she can put them in place again.



Are Qt documentation links case dependent?

by: koahnig | Views: 221 | Forum: website | Last post by koahnig, January 21, 2015

I have come across a real strange issue. While clicking on to a link in a code section of a post with this link [] I hit a 404 error page. Checking for documentation independently I have obtained this link [] which does work.
The only difference are the capital letters in “QString”. Simply changing the letters to uppercase or lowercase switches between 404 error page and the correct doc page.

AFAIK hyperlinks are case independent. At least I never to take of the case of letters.

Is there a translation table involved?

Tested with Chrome and IE on Windows 7 64 bit.


Can't file bug report on new JIRA

by: ckakman | Views: 195 | Forum: website | Last post by ckakman, January 18, 2015

Apart from occasional panel loading errors or errors when commenting to an issue, it seems that I can’t report bugs now. I have tried to create an issue several times but always got an error. I have checked on my dashboard that the issue is not saved.

The error message reads:
“Error creating an issue: Indexing completed with 1 errors”

Since I can’t report a bug about the bug tracker not saving the reports, I thought this forum can be the right place to raise the issue.


error in documentation of QImage Class Format 8-bit image and 32-bit image

by: Jogala | Views: 149 | Forum: website | Last post by SGaist, January 16, 2015

Under Image Formats it says

8-bit images are stored using 8-bit indexes into a color table, i.e. they have a single byte per pixel. The color table is a QVector<QRgb>, and the QRgb typedef is equivalent to an unsigned int containing an ARGB quadruplet on the format 0xAARRGGBB.

32-bit images have no color table; instead, each pixel contains an QRgb value. There are three different types of 32-bit images storing RGB (i.e. 0xffRRGGBB), ARGB and premultiplied ARGB values respectively. In the premultiplied format the red, green, and blue channels are multiplied by the alpha component divided by 255.

I guess 0xAARRGGBB and 0xffRRGGBB are interchanged? Any thing else makes really no sens.


Posting only allowed every 5 minutes&#63; Seriously&#63;

by: Asperamanca | Views: 168 | Forum: website | Last post by Andre, January 8, 2015

By the time I can finally submit my second post, I’ll have forgotten what the forth post was going to be about. Or I’ll write them all, then forget to submit them before closing the browser.

It seems I can’t even edit my post right away if I catch a typo somewhere.

This is an overview of the latest updated topics, visit the full forum here.