August 27, 2011

Eddy Eddy
Area 51 Engineer
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New Mad Scientist : Congratulations to Leon Anavi !


Hi Leon,

Congratulations with your Mad Scientist level! Welcome to the club ;)

And thanks for all your contributions and friendly help here. I even learnt some Bulgarian from you in the wiki ;)




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August 27, 2011

Eus Eus
Lab Rat
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Congrats leon

August 27, 2011

Gerolf Gerolf
Hobby Entomologist
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Hi Leon,

welcome to the club. It’s well deserved…


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August 27, 2011

task_struct task_struct
Ant Farmer
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Congrats, Leon. Keep the good work :)


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August 27, 2011

Volker Volker
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Hey Leon! Congrats and welcome to the Mad Lab ;-)

Nice to see that it’s getting crowded here.

August 27, 2011

ZapB ZapB
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Congratulations Leon!


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August 27, 2011

Andre Andre
Robot Herder
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Congratstulations, Leon! Welcome to the club :-)

August 28, 2011

leon.anavi leon.anavi
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Hi All,

Wow, thank you very much! It is great honor to be at this club :) I have a lot more to learn about Qt and I hope I will continue to have fun with Qt in the years to come :)



August 29, 2011

mlong mlong
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Congratulations, Leon!


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August 30, 2011

Lab Rat
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Congratulations Leon!!!

August 31, 2011

mariusg mariusg
Ant Farmer
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Well done leon, sorry there are no higher rank to go for, this is the top of the mountain!

Congrats from the whole devnet team :)


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September 1, 2011

paulo paulo
Ant Farmer
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Congratulations Leon!!

September 1, 2011

Alexandra Alexandra
Hobby Entomologist
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Congratulations, Leon! [] Keep rocking!


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