September 16, 2010

kkrzewniak kkrzewniak
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I’m currently getting to know StarPU, for the Ph.D. studies I’ll be hopefully starting in October, and during my development environment set-up adventures have stumbled upon the QtOpenCL project. Just have to say that it is grate that the trolls have take up the task of making a Qt wrapper for OpenCL. I’ve downloaded the code from git and I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty testing and looking at the implementation. I would also like to try an utilize it in my Qpnc project(if I ever find the time to make it public). Is there anyone else who is looking forward to some Qt+OpenCL fun.


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September 16, 2010

Alexander Kuchumov Alexander Kuchumov
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Yes, of course, I’m going to use OpenCL for my project.

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