August 22, 2011

bovilexic bovilexic
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Proper etiquette/procedure for querying bug status?


It’s quite nice that the bug-reporting system gives pretty detailed (and frank!) status on reported bugs in Qt and its tool set, and usually that’s sufficient. I have a particular interest in the status of a specific issue in qmake, and would like a little more info (e.g. ETA, is there a patch I can try out in the meantime, etc.). The status page for the issue in question isn’t giving me all the info I (think) that I need. What’s the correct way to do this, so as not to annoy, overwhelm, etc the gallant lad or lass who’s working on it?


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August 22, 2011

peppe peppe
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Pinging the developers on #qt-labs (


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August 23, 2011

bovilexic bovilexic
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OK – thanks!

August 24, 2011

Tobias Hunger Tobias Hunger
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Or just ask for a status update in the bug report directly.

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