August 4, 2011

zither zither
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How to insert two List of QStandardItem into QStandardItemModel?


Dear all,

I try to insert two QStandardItem List.

  2. QStandardModel.insertColumn(items1);
  3. QStandardModel.insertColumn(items2);

What I want is
  1. items1
  2. items1
  3. items1
  4. items1
  5. items2
  6. items2
  7. items2
  8. items2

But what I got is

  1. items2 items1
  2. items2 items1
  3. items2 items1
  4. items2 items1

How can I fix that. items1 & items2 can’t combine because they are generated with different time & places..

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August 4, 2011

peppe peppe
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Of course two calls to insertColumn will insert two different columns; use a foreach + appendRow.


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