July 22, 2011

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Having problerm with QTextBlock::isVisible in QTextEdit


I am writing a simple editor with a line number panel
I want to get the first visible block using this snipet in a slot that is connect to update when the text change and blockCount changed

  1. QTextBlock block=this->TextEditor->document()->begin()
  2. int total_line=this->TextEditor->document()->blockCount();
  3.    int line_ctr=0;
  4.     while(line_ctr<=total_line){
  5.         line_ctr++;
  6.          if(block.isVisible()){
  7.              first_visible_line=block.blockNumber();
  8.              break;
  9.          }
  10.         block=this->TextEditor->document()->findBlockByNumber(line_ctr);
  11.     }

but no matter how first_visible_line is always 1 so block.isVisible() return always true .

I want to keep QTextEdit because I will be adding syntaxe coloring using QSyntaxHil..
Otherwise there is QPlainTextEdit::firstVisibleBlock() but I am not sure if QSyntaxHilighter can work on QPlainTextEdit

Please need help.
Thanks in advance



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July 22, 2011

Gerolf Gerolf
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Please, don’t double post your stuff.
You already posted the same 7 hours ago with this thread [developer.qt.nokia.com]

If you have additional information, add them to the previous thread.

—> thread closed


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