March 27, 2011

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setScale(qreal) vs scale(qreal, qreal)


Looking around the Internet, I found this link:

Something interesting about it was to find this instruction:

  1. graphicsItem->scale(-1,1)

I was looking for the method scale(qreal, qreal) in the QGraphicsItem documentation:

And there’s no trace about it. The funny thing is that I tested that method from my
source code using Qt 4.7 and it really works. Is this a ghost method or I’m missing

Anyway, unfortunately for me it is not exactly what I am looking for.
My question is this:

I need the same result of the method setScale(qreal) but with the option of scaling
X and Y axes with different values.
Is there a way to implement something like setScale(qreal, qreal) ?

Thanks for any clue!


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March 27, 2011

Andre Andre
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You might want to check out QGraphicsItem::setTransform(). That method allows you to set a QTransform, which allows you to setup basically any 2D transformation you might need.

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