February 22, 2011

julio jerez julio jerez
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Different behavior of QPaint Print Text in different machines.


The is my Main GlPaint function

  1. void DemoEntityManager::paintEvent(QPaintEvent* ev)
  2. {
  3.  newtonDemos* const mainWindow = (newtonDemos*) parent();
  5.  makeCurrent();
  7.  // do all 2d drawing
  8.  glShadeModel(GL_FLAT);
  9.  glDisable(GL_CULL_FACE);
  10.  glDisable(GL_DEPTH_TEST);
  11.  glDisable(GL_LIGHTING);
  13.  QPainter painter(this);
  14.   painter.setPen(Qt::white);
  16.   //This is correct on all OS
  17.   Print (painter, 14, 14, "FPS: %6.2f", fps);
  19.   // This is correct on Widnows 7, Linux and Mac but wrong on Windows64 (what is wrong?)
  20.   Print (painter, 14, 30, "Physics time (ms): %6.3f", m_physicsTime * 1000.0f);
  22.  painter.end();
  23. }

and this is the Print function

  1. void DemoEntityManager::Print (QPainter& painter, int x, int y, const char *fmt, ... ) const
  2. {
  3.  va_list argptr;
  4.  char string[2048];
  6.  va_start (argptr, fmt);
  7.  vsprintf (string, fmt, argptr);
  8.  va_end( argptr );
  10.  painter.drawText(x, y, tr(string));
  11. }

This work fine on an Window 7, Linux and Mac
whoever when I test it on a win64 system the statics text is all over the place on the screen.

the funny thing is that If I only call Print once, the Text is printed correct,
Am I doing something incorrect?

cleanup code to bare mimum tha reproduces the Bug on win64

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February 24, 2011

Deleted Member # 4a2 Deleted Member # 4a2
Ant Farmer
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hi julio, please also remove unnecessary code or commented out code from above code snip. easier for other readers to look at your code

February 24, 2011

julio jerez julio jerez
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Ok I edited to the bare minumum that can reproduce the Bug.
Sorry about that.

EDIT: Also fixed spellings

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