February 21, 2011

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QMake. Legendary scope switch CONFIG(debug, debug|release)



I and many other developers came to this point, when project debug and release versions must have some different config. In QMake docs everything seems very easy … just use “debug { … }” or “release { … }” and you have what you want, but that that’s not so easy if one is using QtCreator.

For half of day I was searching for normal explanation in the internet what a heck these parameters mean in the config function: “CONFIG (debug, debug|release)” or “CONFIG (release, debug|release)”. There is some info in QMake docs but it does not make much sense for me. What exactly the second parameters does??

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February 22, 2011

Franzk Franzk
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Here’s a little test .pro:

  1. CONFIG(debug) {
  2.     message(debug)
  3. }
  4. CONFIG(release) {
  5.     message(release)
  6. }
  7. CONFIG(debug, debug|release) {
  8.     message("debug, debug|release")
  9. }
  10. CONFIG(release, debug|release) {
  11.     message("release, debug|release")
  12. }

With the outputs:

  1. $ qmake
  2. Project MESSAGE: debug
  3. Project MESSAGE: release
  4. Project MESSAGE: debug, debug|release
  6. $ qmake CONFIG-=release CONFIG+=debug
  7. Project MESSAGE: debug
  8. Project MESSAGE: debug, debug|release
  10. $ qmake CONFIG-=release CONFIG-=debug
  12. $ qmake CONFIG+=release CONFIG-=debug
  13. Project MESSAGE: release
  14. Project MESSAGE: release, debug|release

The second parameter seems to be which configuration options to check for. If I change the last check into
  1. CONFIG(release, debug|unrelease) {
  2.     message("release, debug|release")
  3. }

  1. $ qmake CONFIG+= release CONFIG-=debug
  2. Project MESSAGE: release

If I change the check into

  1. CONFIG(release, release) {
  2.     message("release, debug|release")
  3. }

I get

  1. $ qmake CONFIG+=release CONFIG+=debug
  2. Project MESSAGE: debug
  3. Project MESSAGE: release
  4. Project MESSAGE: debug, debug|release
  5. Project MESSAGE: release, debug|release

Besides specifying the items to check for, some seem to take precedence. I’m not all too sure how this is determined. Anyway, I hope this at least clarifies something.


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