January 31, 2011

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Simple GUI test runner for QTestLib tests


In our latest project we decided to use QTestLib to do our unit-testing. But using plain text output even for 40 tests was painful. I’ve tried to find some instrument to present this output in more convenient way, but found nothing. So I wrote simple gui test runner, which parses XML output from executables generated by QTestLib and presents this output in more usable way. At the moment it is very simple — it searches for executables starting with “test_” in its folder (”.”), allows to choose which executables should be run, runs selected files and shows failed tests with simple formatted description. Download link (Windows executable, need Qt dlls): http://bit.ly/h2gk9n
Unpack, rename, use.

Failed tests

Passed tests

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February 10, 2011

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this looks good. but should probably be placed in showcase forum .. moving it there

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