[Poll] What percentage of your development is Qt related?


What percentage of your development is Qt related?
25% or less 24
25%-50% 22
50%-75% 31
75% or more 69
Total Votes: 146
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July 6, 2011

timoph timoph
Lab Rat
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pretty much 100% of the things I write on my own time are Qt but job has me writing python, shell scripts, etc. in addition to Qt.

July 6, 2011

kkrzewniak kkrzewniak
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About 75%, the other part is C/C++ OpenCL parallel software.


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July 6, 2011

Andre Andre
Robot Herder
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When I first answered the poll, it was still 75%+. Now, it is considerably less, as the current product I work on has only the UI done with Qt, and even that is going though an abstraction layer.

June 6, 2012

Raul Raul
Lab Rat
96 posts

I do around 90% development on Java EE 6 for highly scalable systems that use mostly desktop and web applications for client interaction (very little mobile requirements yet).

I use Qt 10% of the time, and mostly experimenting on what it would take for me to do the same things in Qt that I currently do in Java, too bad that C++ libraries are still lacking compared to what I do on Java EE (currently I use it for automotive and banking).

I found some replacements for the distributed, highly scalable parts of the systems (ZeroC ICE products, but it’s GPL or commercial and quite expensive, and Oracle GlassFish is a lot more flexible licensed), but for deployment and Web communications, still no luck (would be cool to have a good fastcgi or scgi implementation in Qt, I tried some opensource projects but are very old or lacking basic functionality).

Object serialization has really improved in Qt, with QObjects and XML you can go really far, and for Qt5 there’s a new serialization module for supporting JSON as well, but still, I think to make it as easy as JAXB in Java, it would take some time and dedication, but with QML stealing all the trolls attention, it’s going to be hard to go there anytime soon.

For the desktop client side, Qt is really on top of Java swing, but, there are A LOT of components, both open source and commercial for swing, which Qt is lacking, i.e. a diagramming component, a very-rich-eye-candy charting, an iCal/Outlook like calendar component, a MS Project like gantt/scheduler component (more modern looking, I’ve seen KDABs and it looks like made in the windows 3.11 days), or text visual diff component (something like that would be useful in Qt, specially for Qt Creator that still has text only diff).


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June 6, 2012

francomartins francomartins
Lab Rat
60 posts

‘im working in Qt only …

I am certified in Delphi and VB, but I do not remember them anymore, now it’s only Qt

July 19, 2012

needhelp_gh needhelp_gh
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44 posts
Vass wrote:
I write applications only on Qt now.

Same here!



August 4, 2012

hipersayan_x hipersayan_x
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57 posts

All my serious projects are based on C++/Qt or PyQt, for the rest, ie. quick test scripts, I use Python + standard libraries.


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August 5, 2012

Sam Sam
Ant Farmer
688 posts

I am also working on Qt only , previously worked on C# and ASP.NET , Also a certified MCTS (Application Development Foundation 2.0) and MCTS (ASP.NET Application Development 3.5) n now looking forward for Qt certification.

August 6, 2012

qxoz qxoz
Area 51 Engineer
1076 posts

Its about 40%
the other parts is maintaining projects on VB and C#
but now we are focusing on multiplatform projects, and i think the Qt percentage will be grow.

August 6, 2012

guziemic guziemic
Lab Rat
115 posts

About 50 % of time I spend on Qt development.

August 10, 2012

issam issam
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116 posts
75% of my C/C++ programming is QT related and 25% is SDL related :)


August 10, 2012

rokemoon rokemoon
Lab Rat
190 posts

We use 90% of C++/Qt/QML and 10% of Boost.

August 12, 2012

goblincoding goblincoding
Ant Farmer
273 posts

Less than 10% (only for personal projects). Unfortunately that means that my Qt learning is slow going.

August 12, 2012

Jake007 Jake007
Lab Rat
231 posts

But again, it depends. Half a year ago I was working 100% only with Qt.
Currently I’m mostly using C# ( Mono) and asp.net and a lot of SQL. From time to time php and Java if I really have to.
Currently I’m using Qt only for personal projects.


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August 12, 2012

Peppy Peppy
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338 posts

I would say 80-90% developing in Qt…


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