December 28, 2010

fcrochik fcrochik
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[Moved] This is funny!


Have you tried to guess the URL of a page?

Look what I got when guessing the wrong one []

May be I will post it to the “qt Easter egg” thread :)

BY THE WAY: please don’t report to the administrator. It is actually the wrong URL (not a system error).


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December 28, 2010

irfan.omair irfan.omair
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he he he really funny one. this must be done by some of admin guy :)

December 28, 2010

CreMindES CreMindES
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I’ve found it earlier about 3 weeks ago, I was surprised too :)

December 28, 2010

Denis Kormalev Denis Kormalev
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Such things were discussed here []
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