January 17, 2013

cokefish cokefish
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I cannot load sqlite table when my qml application autostart on linux


I use sqlite db in my qml application.
I want my application could be autostart when my linux device start up.

when I debug my application, I run my qml application on command line after my linux device startup,
the application could run well.

but after I append it into the system /etc/initab, every time the qml application runs while the linux device start up,
it will prompt error as below

Error: no such table: XXXX Ubable to execute statement

Could you please tell me the reason why?

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January 17, 2013

daliusd daliusd
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Maybe you run it under different user from /etc/initab (e.g. as root) and naturally it looks for DB in other location.

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