November 16, 2010

manish.ism manish.ism
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Custom Process Step


How to write “Custom Process Step” in QT Creator?

For example, I want to write copy command, lupdate and lrelease in “Custom Process Step”.

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November 16, 2010

Tobias Hunger Tobias Hunger
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You add a custom process step and enter the command to run and its arguments.

If you want to share these steps with your coworkers then you might be better of to integrate them into your build system though. Custom process steps are stored in the .user file and that is not meant to be shared.

December 8, 2010

GordonSchumacher GordonSchuma..
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Take a look at the qmake documentation [] and the Undocumented qmake [] page on QtCentre. (This functionality has always been documented, but IMHO the QtCentre page is clearer. (Disclaimer: I wrote that wiki page…)

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