May 17, 2012

visuallogic visuallogic
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Remote C++/Qt Developer Position @ Visual Logic


We are looking for experienced C++/Qt developers to join our team to develop complex production quality desktop applications with Qt on multiple platforms. Please send resumes to

Ref. Code. VL-Dev-1204

  • BS in Computer Science, Engineering, Math or Physics.
  • At least 5+ years C++ expertise
  • At least 3+ years of Qt v4 expertise
  • Proficient on at least 2 of the following platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Embedded
  • MATLAB, OpenGL, Computer Graphics experience is a plus
  • Build automation experience is a plus
  • Defense, aerospace, automotive project experience is a plus
  • Work remotely or in our Munich office. You shall be familiar and comfortable with tools like ssh, Skype, cloud if you would like to work remotely.

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May 17, 2012

exim exim
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Does someone with basic experience in Qt but with expertise in C++ and wxWidgets who worked on complex cross-platform desktop applications qualify for this position?

May 30, 2012

visuallogic visuallogic
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Sorry, we are looking for an experienced Qt dev. at this time.

June 1, 2012

AlterX AlterX
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I;ve sent my CV… :)


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August 14, 2012

AndresPeralta AndresPeralta
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Are you still looking for someone to apply in this job?

January 22, 2013

Nox P@sNox Nox P@sNox
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Are you still looking for experienced Qt developpers ?



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February 28, 2013

surendar surendar
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Hi Sir I am Fresher for Qt Framework,if any openings for fresher Qt/C++ Developer means post here…..



March 10, 2013

mrdebug mrdebug
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Hi, are you still looking for remote Qt developers?
If you want to have an idea about my skill you can download many programs from my website
and if you want to see how I write Qt code you can download the source from these links:

Skype: mrdebug
Videosurveillance and home automation!

July 10, 2013

Ansif Ansif
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My name is Ansif Ibrahim. I am from Kerala, India. I have 4+ year’s of experience in Qt and Visual Studio. I am
looking for a career in Qt related works and my resume can be found in the link below.
My resume:


Software Professional

  ‹‹ Kitware, Inc. (makers of CMake) looking for a Qt application developer      Now hiring: Qt specialists for vacancies at high tech companies in The Hague and Gouda ››

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