May 4, 2012

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Qt Applications using the serial port?


Hello Qt forum!

I am a Windows .net C# programmer and have recently discovered the joys of c++ with Qt. I do have a good solid backround in ANSI c and c++ with the Win32 API and MFC but I still find MFC to be ugly and unintuituve so I avoid it like the plague! I had therefore kind of abandoned c++.

But now that I have discovered Qt I would love to delve deeper into it and rediscover c++ as a valuable language to develop fast native graphical applications, particularly in a platform independant manner (would love to start developing on Linux!)

My question is:

I am a low level system developer and often have to develop socket and serial port applications but I am unsure how to interact with the serial port using Qt?

I have done a bit of an internet search and am aware of a few 3rd party Qt projects (QSerialDevice) and also note that there is an official Qt serial port class soon to be available in Qt5 (QtSerialPort) but I am not sure how to get access to it and use it from the repositories (git respositories?)

Could somebody please describe how I can get hold of this QtSerialPort class and perhaps point me to a simple tutorial on how to use it?

Many thanks

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May 4, 2012

qxoz qxoz
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Look at: []
and download here: []

package include some examples, for start point.

also you can use: []

May 4, 2012

kuzulis kuzulis
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Note: For QtSerialPort also added support/compliant to the Qt4.

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