November 8, 2010

kwikness kwikness
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Help Using UIC3 To Port QT3 .ui Files


Hi, I’m trying to port some .ui files from QT3 to QT4.

I’m running the following operations on my .ui files:

  1. uic3 frmmain.ui > frmmain.h
  2. uic3 -impl frmmain.h frmmain.ui > frmmain.cpp
  3. uic3 -subdecl frmMain frmmain.h frmmain.ui > frmmainsub.h
  4. uic3 -subimpl frmMain frmmainsub.h frmmain.ui > frmmainsub.cpp

However, my frmmainsub.cpp file contains empty implementations:

  1. void frmMain::fileNew()
  2. {
  3.     qWarning( "frmMain::fileNew() not yet implemented!" );
  4. }

How can I get the code out of the functions that are in the .ui file? I think I’ve tried all the command line options that uic3 has, but I’m not able to export the code that was in the functions within the old .ui file.

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November 8, 2010

Volker Volker
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The easiest way would be to port the .ui files to the new Qt 4 format and processing them with uic (from Qt 4) in the future. See Using a Designer UI File in Your Application [] in the Qt docs for the new approach.

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